How do I become satan

The pandemic as a “project” of Satan

The arch-Catholic Radio Maria has around 1.7 million listeners in Italy and branches in over fifty countries around the world. Its 80-year-old director spreads conspiracy theories that are sometimes too colorful even for the Vatican.

The pandemic is a conspiracy of the global elites who wanted to create a world without God, a world of Satan in which we would all become zombies, explained Livio Fanzaga last week. One could dismiss his conspiracy theory as crude nonsense if the 80-year-old weren't the director of Radio Maria, the most influential Catholic broadcaster in Italy. In his broadcast he focuses on current events and media reports on a daily basis and reaches an average of 1.7 million listeners.

Joe Biden as the devil's henchman

According to the influential preacher, the new coronavirus did not arise by chance at an animal market in China, but was developed in a secret laboratory with the aim of hitting the West. A world conspiracy, prepared by the mass media and controlled by the devil himself, who uses criminal souls. Fanzaga recently named Joe Biden as such. The winner of the presidential election in the USA was bribed by the demon to implement a diabolical program of abortion, test tube babies and gay marriage. Like many Christian hardliners, the Italian is an avid Trump supporter.

Born in 1940 in a small town southwest of Bergamo, Fanzaga studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and, after being ordained priest in 1966, worked as a pastor in Milan for twenty years. After his first pilgrimage to Medjugorje in the mid-eighties, he became an ardent follower of the cult of Mary, which was experiencing a renaissance in arch-conservative circles at the time. Residents of the place in Bosnia-Herzegovina want to see apparitions of Mary on a regular basis. The Vatican has never recognized the pilgrimage site because of apparent fraud. Padre Fanzaga fights against this policy by all means.

In 1985 the clergyman started working for Radio Maria, at that time a small parish radio in the province of Como. Two years later he took over the management, and with the support of a local dairy owner, a nationwide broadcasting network was soon established. Even in the most remote mountain villages in Italy, where the state broadcaster RAI cannot even be received, one can hear the monotonous reports and prayers of Radio Maria.

A bulwark for ultra-conservative Christians

The station is much more conservative than Vatican Radio, the official broadcaster of the Holy See. Don Livio sees him as a tool of the new evangelization and as a bulwark of reactionary Christians. He likes to boast that he is converting more people than the Pope. There are now also offshoots all over the world. The so-called World Family of Radio Maria comprises associated stations in over fifty countries and is expected to reach an audience of 35 million people.

In Italy, Radio Maria is anything but undisputed, as it eagerly spreads fake news and conspiracy theories. His director doesn't want to know about global warming any more than he does about the theory of evolution. In his view, Satan and those who speak to him are the only problem in the modern world. The West has lost its soul in the pursuit of technological progress, the clergyman said recently in an interview with the right-wing newspaper Libero. He will only be able to save himself if he goes back to his Christian roots.

The preacher also blatantly threatens secular left politicians in his broadcasts. In February 2016, for example, he implicitly wished Senator Monica Cirinnà death after she had passed a law through parliament to recognize same-sex partnerships. Fanzaga was suspended for six months by the journalists' association. But that made little impression on him. His station continued to rush against those who think differently. After the severe earthquake in central Italy in the summer of 2016, one of his employees said that these were God's punishment for Italy introducing same-sex partnerships. The Vatican was forced to condemn this statement as "scandalous".

Don Livio's conspiracy theory on the subject of a pandemic is also likely to give the Pope a stomach ache. In recent months, Francis has repeatedly emphasized that the pandemic can only be overcome with love, on a personal as well as on a social and political level.