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Coke filled separator plate for electrochemical cells.
coke containing separator plate for electrochemical cells.
Coke handling and quenching apparatus and method.
Method and device for treating and erasing coke.
I owe you a Coke, Watson.
I owe you one cola, Watson.
You bet, and there's your Coke, honey.
And here is yours cola, Cutie pie.
I want a cherry Coke and a six-inch grinder.
I want a cherry Coke and a giant sandwich.
Drinks, like Mountain Dew and Coke bodies worst enemy.
Drinks like Mountain Dew and cola institutions are the worst enemy.
He would always give me a Coke in a ...
He always gave me one cola in a ...
I think there was something in the Coke.
I think there was something in that cola.
And you give him cigarettes, pizza and Coke.
And you give them cigarettes, pizza and cola.
A cherry Coke would be great.
A cherry Coke would not be bad.
The Coke what out on the counter.
The cola stood on the counter.
Coke, It's nice to see you.
Coke deal on Mott went south last week.
A coke Deal went wrong last week.
Large frieze, Coke, Big Mac.
Big fries, cola, Big Mac.
Of the Coke that you've just stolen.
Of the colathat you just stole.
I'll have an Astro Burger and a Coke.
One Astro Burger and one cola.
Stop ruining your jack with Coke.
Don't always ruin the Jack Coke.
Burger, fries, Coke and a lemon pudding.
Burger, french fries, cola and lemon pudding.
Coke isn't even worth that much.
So much is coke not worth it at all.
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