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Tony Hawk, Brett Favre and Co .: With this start-up you can call stars

We can be close to our idols through Facebook, Instagram and Co. The start-up Cameo goes one step further: With it you can not only exchange video messages with Tony Hawk or Brett Favre, but also chat with them for ten minutes.

Do you still come from the generation that panted after musicians, actors and celebrities? And did you longingly beg for an autograph? This idea is a bit out of date. Because today we can get small amenities from and with stars differently thanks to connecting technology.

Cameo connects you with your favorites

The still young American start-up Cameo, named after short and surprising appearances by stars in cinema and TV productions, offers fans a great service.

For a small fee, Cameo connects you with your personal star. For this you will receive a completely personalized, short greeting video.

The young company from Chicago started with this approach last year. In the Corona crisis, when actors, athletes and show acts can no longer do their jobs to a normal extent, Cameo offers a little more.

Now everyone has the option to purchase a ten-minute zoom call with their loved one. Before the pandemic, Cameo couldn't offer this option because of the celebrities' limited time. But now the stars have time - and that turns out to be a gold mine.

Stars are amply rewarded at home

The global pandemic gives many celebrities additional freedom. This is how they revive their business acumen. Because the celebrity chat, where fans can of course also ask questions to their stars, has a big impact compared to a cameo video greeting that was customary up until then.

For example, Jeremy Piven, better known from the US series “Entourage”, recently asked 400 euros for a video. However, fans will have to shell out $ 15,000 for the Zoom call.

The skateboard legend Tony Hawk doesn't ask for quite that much. For a call, he can be transferred up to $ 1,000 on behalf of Cameo. 25 percent of this income goes to Cameo itself as a commission.

Up to four other friends or family members can join the celebrity call. However, if the star is prevented or the connection does not allow a chat, the Cameo customers get their money back immediately.

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Almost 40,000 stars and starlets have now registered with Cameo. In March 2020, the number of celebrity registrations rose by a whopping 160 percent. And according to the portal Fast Company The Chicago-based company expects bookings of more than 100 million US dollars in 2020.

According to the analysis company PitchBook, the business of the start-up Cameo, founded in 2016, has currently increased sevenfold during the pandemic compared to 2019. The estimated market valuation is therefore $ 300 million.

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