What is a website and hosting

This is important when hosting websites

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Do you want to publish a website and are you looking for a good hosting provider? We tell you what to look for when choosing your host and which pitfalls are lurking for you when it comes to hosting.

As a private user, freelancer, self-employed person or small business owner, you finally want your own website? Perhaps the hosting should include its own forum and weblog, perhaps with embedded videos or with a small shop? And, of course, hosting should also include a few mail accounts. Perhaps you already have a website with a hosting company, but it is no longer up-to-date and should therefore be replaced. Nothing could be easier than that, you can host your website quickly for little money.

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But with the abundance of hosting offers, choosing the right host is difficult. We'll tell you what hosting plans are out there and what to look for in web hosting. And we explain the most important technical terms to do with hosting websites.

Preliminary considerations: Basically, you have three hosting options to publish a website

Hosting option 1: Web space from your Internet provider as a stopgap solution

You use the web space that your Internet provider provides for hosting. Most DSL flat rates include free web space at no extra charge. However, these inclusive websites usually have severe restrictions. With Alice, for example, you don't get a full second-level domain name. Instead, the URL of your website is http://homepage.alice.de/username. This is not only bad for search engine optimization, it also doesn't look particularly good and is not a catchy, easy-to-remember name - especially for a company website, this is completely out of the question.

WordPress The quasi-web standard for blog software is installed on a server with MySQL and PHP. WordPress offers extensive formatting and setting options and can be expanded with a variety of designs that you can find on the WordPress site. The range of functions of Wordpress can be expanded almost at will with plugins. Even sophisticated websites can be set up with Wordpress.

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In the case of a T-Home offer such as Call & Surf Comfort, on the other hand, a correct second-level domain with a name of your choice (if this has not yet been assigned) is included in the price. But at no extra charge, T-Home Call & Surf offers neither FTP access, which is essential for serious website maintenance, nor script language and database support. Instead, you can put together a simple website made of HTML and CSS with the help of wizards. This is not enough for sophisticated websites, especially those with professional intentions. A simple business card on the Internet is quite possible with it. For a self-employed person who only wants to briefly present his services and show interested customers his contact details, such an offer could be enough, especially since it offers a second-level domain name that is easy to use for Internet search engines.

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Hosting option 2: Free web space is unsuitable

There are hosting providers for free web space in abundance, an overview of these hosters can be found on this page