How can I improve my DTV signal?

Antenna amplifier for a better television signal

Formerly in analog TV it was the unpopular flicker on the screen. With digital television, it is pixelated images or complete failures that charge a relaxed Saturday evening with frustration and anger. Is your reception signal too weak?

You can with aerial amplifiers for cable or terrestrial television Solve the problem of bad TV pictures quickly and easily. The signal amplifier is plugged into the antenna socket or into the normal mains socket and an improved television signal is provided.

In our new article, we'll tell you what antenna amplifiers are, what they do and what to look out for when buying.

What is an antenna booster?

Antenna amplifiers are broadband radio frequency amplifiers and function as TV signal amplifier. TheSignal strength of the antenna is in the high frequency rangeelevated. Alternatively, signal amplifiers are also used.

The amplifiers are used inSignal amplification of cable television (DVB-C) and des terrestrial television (DVB-T).

However, the amplifier increasesnot the receptionist Your existing antenna or that of the cable connection. There must be a certain TV signal at your antenna socket so that the signal can be amplified.

What types of antenna amplifiers are there?

Antenna amplifiers, signal amplifiers and house connection amplifiers do not necessarily have the same functions.

If you are looking for an antenna amplifier for DVB-T and cable TV, note that antenna amplifier is also called Signal amplifier can be designated, but not every signal amplifier is an antenna amplifier at the same time is.

When looking for an antenna amplifier, you will probably also find the termHouse connection amplifier stand out. The big difference between a house connection amplifier and an antenna amplifier is that house connection amplifiers are installed near the house connection (also called house transfer point of the cable network operator such as Unitymedia, Vodafone / Kabel Deutschland or Tele Columbus), while the antenna amplifier is usually installed in the apartment.If you want to amplify an existing signal, use an antenna amplifier.

You want more too House connection amplifiers learn that click here.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of antenna amplifiers?

whopermanently with signal interference from DVB-T or cable reception, antenna amplifiers can help. they offerimproved television and radio reception, are easy to use and have frequentseveral connection options, for different devices. However, you cannot be guaranteed that a signal booster will solve your problem because the causes of poor television reception are not always clear. Even so, you shouldn't disregard the benefits at all.


  • Improved radio and television reception
  • Simple application
  • Multiple connection options for receiving devices


  • Improved television reception cannot be guaranteed

What to look for when buying antenna amplifiers

Antenna amplifiers can be bought in most electrical specialist stores. You can also purchase signal amplifiers online. The advantage here is onegreater choice, better comparability andcheaper offers.

As already mentioned: When buying, make sure that it is an aerial amplifier for aerial television DVB-T and cable television DVB-C. In the following we want to show you which product features are important when buying antenna amplifiers,what to look out for and what a connection amplifier costs.

  • Number of connections for devices
  • Signal amplification
  • Prices

How many devices do you want to connect?

Most antenna amplifier manufacturers offer connectors for multiple devices.

On most models the connection amplifiers aretwo connections installed. This has the advantage that you can amplify two devices at the same time, regardless of whether they are radio or television. If you want to connect more than two devices, there are manufacturers who offer antenna amplifiers with three or four connections.

If you want to connect multiple devices, please note thateach output with z. B. 15dB is amplified, so you amplify the applied signal with 15 dB. Two connections are a clear advantage when buying, but in reality they only doMakes sense when it comes to minor glitches acts.

Which reinforcement should you choose?

Also, be sure to hit theDecibel number that is specified with the gain of the signal amplifier.

Either the total gain is specified or the gain on the respective devices, for example "2x15dB". This stands for 2 connections with 15dB each.

As a rule, the amplifiers move for private usebetween 10 and 30 dB. That is enough for the mentioned disturbances.

Our product recommendations for antenna amplifiers are 2x10dB or 2x15dB.

What does an antenna amplifier cost?

You won't go wrong with signal amplifiers between 15 and 30 euros.

In the private area you will findAntenna amplifier from 10 euros. This varies depending on the manufacturer, number of connections and amplification power. In the case of more expensive models, to be on the safe side, ask whether they are antenna amplifiers or house connection amplifiers.

We cannot give price recommendations as every situation should be carefully considered. More expensive antenna amplifiers are often the solution.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

How is an antenna amplifier used?

Antenna amplifiers areeasy to connect. You do not need any specialist knowledge or special knowledge.

To increase the signal power, plug the signal amplifier into the antenna socket. Then plug the coaxial cable of the television or your receiver into the amplifier connection, then plug the antenna amplifier into a nearby TV socket. If the TV socket is not too far away, the signal amplifier will deliverimproved viewing experience.

Application of the antenna amplifier in 3 steps:

  1. Plug a coaxial cable into the TV output of the antenna socket and connect it to the input of the antenna amplifier.
  2. Plug another coaxial cable into one of the outputs of the antenna amplifier and connect it to your television or receiver.
  3. Now plug the antenna amplifier into a socket.

How to properly connect an antenna amplifier:

How to connect an antenna amplifier in the apartment.

What do you do if the antenna amplifier does not improve?

An antenna amplifier that amplifies your signal could be your solution, but it doesn't have to be. Finding the source of bad television pictures is not easy.

Make sure that the Signal amplifier not too much, but also not too little signal amplified. As a rule, an antenna amplifier can increase reception and solve minor reception problems. Should the use of an antenna amplifier nevertheless no improvement represent, thenthe problem lies elsewhere.

Should you come across old, broken or too badly kinkedCoaxial cable or your cable provider has intermittent problems, the roots of the poor reception are probably elsewhere. Make sure you get onehigh quality coaxial cable with matchingF connectors because the low shielding and incorrectly installed F-connectors mean that signals are lost very quickly. Contact your cable provider and ask them whether there are currently any problems in your area.

Basically, a “bad TV signal” cannot be positively amplified.


Antenna amplifiers can be used for aimproved television signal and viewing experience to care. The advantages of an antenna amplifier cannot be denied. You can improve your television signal andEliminate annoying picture disturbances. The only downside is that there is no guarantee that the image will improve until the causes are clear.

There are also high quality antenna amplifierscheap to buy it is definitely worth a try. If necessary, you can test the antenna amplifier and, after consulting the seller, send the item back.

In the following we have listed two antenna amplifiers and two house connection amplifiers for you, which we can recommend without hesitation.

Our antenna amplifier recommendations:

  • With the adjustable 2-device antenna amplifier VST 9342 you can expand your apartment connection in no time at all. Suitable for use at e.g. Unitymedia, Vodafone and many more. Ideal for increasing and optimizing the signal strength.
  • Ideal for signal amplification and level adjustment with long signal paths or for dividing the connection to the apartment. The desired gain or attenuation can be easily set with the controller. Simple and user-friendly commissioning (plug and play).
  • Antenna amplifier with high frequency range 85-1006 MHz for cable TV (DVB-C), DVB-T / T2, radio (UHF, VHF, FM), signal amplification of 2x 20 dB adjustable with 10-20 dB. Very high output level with a maximum of 96 dBµV possible. Can still be used if the cable provider changes frequency, e.g. for TV programs above 862 MHz.

€ 18,90

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  • Amplifier for DVBT DVBT2 and cable TV. NOT suitable for SAT TV.
  • Connect the amplifier with gain control and four outputs to your house connection in order to distribute your signal over 4 lines without loss. ✅ Plug and play ✅ LTE filter to reduce the impact on the 800 MHz band from 4G signals
  • ✅ Connection type IEC ✅ Noise figure 5 dB ✅ Number of outputs 4 ✅ Number of inputs 1

€ 42,90

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We recommend these house connection amplifiers: