Sean Bean is an underrated actor

The young mother Rose cannot accept that her daughter Sharon has a terminal illness. Against her husband's wishes, she escapes with the little one to be treated by a faith healer. On the way, mother and daughter pass a portal that leads them into another reality, the eerie, abandoned town of Silent Hill. All of a sudden Sharon disappears - Rose follows the supposed shadow of her daughter all over the neglected city. At least now it becomes clear: this place is like no other. Under the reign of a cruel and deadly darkness, the few human survivors are trapped in the city. Together with Cybil - a policewoman who can also be found in Silent Hill - Rose sets out to find her daughter. As she learns more about the history of Silent Hill, Rose discovers that Sharon is just a small character in a higher-level game ...

(Anti) women’s film? Or also: "A lot of ado about ... a little something."

The so-called "hype" is a harbinger that can bring both a curse and a blessing to a film. Essential components of this species are usually a vigorously rolling PR drum, combined with high expectations. If you garnish this with a big name, such as the title "Silent Hill", then comes the "Hype & q ...

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  • Silent Hill is based on the horror video game series of the same name from Japan.
  • The project was the second English-language directorial work for the French filmmaker Christopher Ganse.
  • Made around $ 100 million with a production cost of $ 50 million.
  • Sony Pictures spent approximately $ 14 million on the US distribution rights to the film.
  • Christophe Gans originally wanted Cameron Diaz to play Cybill.
  • The French filmmaker Nicolas Boukhrief was instrumental in creating the script.
  • The inspiration for the film Silent Hill was the American city of Centralia, which has been virtually uninhabited for 40 years due to a still smoldering coal fire.