Is it okay to have insecurities?

6 people show & speak about their greatest insecurities

I like to compare insecurities with an appendix: Everyone has it (or him), but nobody really knows why. They are deeply rooted in us. They are always there, but are mostly ignored. Only when they get bigger and cause us pain do we pay attention to them. If we don't act, a small thing quickly becomes a big one - until we eventually explode. But this is where my metaphor ends because, as far as I know, there is no way of surgically removing uncertainties.
We are all prone to some kind of self-doubt. This is human nature and unfortunately there is no magic bullet that can turn you into a self-confident goddess overnight. So we just have to accept them and learn to feel comfortable in our skin despite our physical or psychological "flaws". There is no point in trying to combat insecurities. Instead, you should shake hands with them in forgiveness. You should also make yourself aware that you are not the only one who doesn't like one thing or the other in yourself. Even if you look at a person and think they are perfect, that person definitely has something to complain about.
To prove this, I asked six people to share their physical insecurities with me and the camera - and to show the sides of themselves that they usually hide. The funny (or tragic?) Thing is that what we are actually ashamed of suddenly seems ridiculous the moment we say it. Or at least not that important anymore. In many cases, we ourselves are the only ones who notice our "mistakes". The people I spoke to for the article speak of the humiliation, embarrassment, and pain they experienced because of their flaws. But if I When I look at them, I only see people. And when I talked to them about the bellies, freckles, and birthmarks that made them feel ashamed, each of them laughed at least once. Actually we all know how irrelevant these things are. We have two eyes, two arms, two legs and are generally healthy. And yet actually the most important right? Because the reality is of course still not that simple, a few tears flowed during the interviews. Insecurities are and will remain a bitch.
We probably can't just put our insecurities aside. They will likely remain a part of us forever. But we can stop hiding them. And that is exactly what the following courageous people did. Just like you and me and everyone else in the world, they're not perfect, but that's okay.