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Taking action: Elevating Black entrepreneurs with the Tech for Black Founders initiative

Black people and Black startups deserve better. We recently joined the #TechForBlackFounders initiative - an ecosystem of companies providing resources and technology to empower Black-led businesses. When we first came across the program, we were struck by the opening statement, "Today, only 1% of founders backed by venture capital in the United States are Black." It's a simple statistic that highlights the strong disparity in access to opportunity that exists in our industry. For decades, the technology industry has championed life-changing innovations - but we clearly have a long way to go with regards to equity.

(Actually) making impactful change

Organizations today often have internal company values ​​and culture credos that promote inclusivity, belonging and embracing diverse perspectives - Greenhouse is one of those companies. However, it's important to note that many of those company values ​​were set by largely male, largely white executive leadership teams. It's inspiring to see the recent push toward hiring diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) experts to challenge and enact those values ​​to support their employees and internal communities - which are all important and impactful steps to take.

What we love about #TechForBlackFounders is that it's an opportunity to support the greater community outside of our direct employee base.

The 20+ organizations who are participating in the initiative have committed to providing concrete, long-lasting support for early-stage startups led by Black founders as a commitment to positive growth in our overall community.

Continuously committing to evolving

Over the past few years working in tech, we've seen an evolution in the discussion around diversity, from “diversity recruiting” to “diversity and inclusion” within our organizations to the more encompassing commitments to “diversity, equity and inclusion” in the industry. At Greenhouse, our DE&I mission is clear - it is "to infuse diversity, equity and inclusion into the way we work to unlock human potential and accelerate growth both here at Greenhouse and beyond." The number of organizations who have chosen to support their community through #TechForBlackFounders signifies the start of a greater understanding that diversity is not a “check-the-box” initiative that begins and ends with your recruiting team.

People are finally understanding that to enact real change we need to come together as an industry and support one another in our respective growth.

#TechForBlackFounders is an ecosystem that provides resources and technology that empower Black startups and level the playing field for underserved founders and support their company’s early growth. It's no secret that in order to have exceptional growth and success - you need great hiring. And as a hiring software, Greenhouse aims to give participating companies what they need, like the right technology, know-how and support to take on what's next.

We recognize that Greenhouse is privileged to be in a position to participate in this amazing initiative alongside our customers, partners and industry peers. Through the #TechforBlackFounders initiative, we're offering one year on the Greenhouse Essential tier, including implementation and migration costs, for any companies that qualify, free of charge.

If your organization fits the participating criteria set by #TechForBlackFounders, please reach out to us to see how Greenhouse can support your growth in the coming year.

Learn more about this initiative and find out how to apply here.

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