Men really keep secrets

Savory secrets: what men prefer to keep quiet

Porn, simulated orgasms, affairs - men keep all sorts of things secret from their loved ones. Find out which other savory secrets your husband might have and how you should deal with them here.

Men prefer to keep secrets like foreign flirting to themselves

As soon as the man is out and about alone in the wild, the flirtation starts, a smile here, a wink there. But that is by no means the only secret that the lords of creation prefer to keep to themselves. Flirting is one thing that women don't have to worry about too much about. After all, men also want to know whether they are attractive. And when strange women smile encouragingly at your loved one, he brings a good mood home with you and you benefit from it.

Of course, the flirtation shouldn't be too intense. If your man is flirting with others around you, he is probably not ready for a committed relationship.

His mind wanders during sex

The next secret is more drastic: a lot of men think of another woman when they have sex. After all, the partner can also benefit from it, because if he is aroused longer, both have longer fun. Anyone who is bothered by it should remind the man that the most attractive woman is right in front of his nose. Seduce him in sexy lingerie.

When the man is enjoying himself alone

What you should definitely not ask your loved one is how often he pleases himself. The fact is: every man does it, many even masturbate daily. Allow your husband this pleasure, because he will benefit from it in many ways. The manual work helps to relax, puts him in a good mood, and maybe also ensures that he can hold out longer during sex.

As long as you don't miss out because he prefers to have fun solo, it's best to pretend you don't know anything about it. Otherwise there are only uncomfortable to embarrassing tensions when he stays in the bathroom a little longer.

Sniffing around is not uncommon

The next point is about trust. Quite a few men have sniffed around in their partner's cell phone or email account. Why are you doing this? Fear of loss could be the answer. Tell your man more often that you find him more attractive than any other man on this planet. And change your passwords. If none of this helps and you catch him snooping around again, only a clarifying conversation will help.

You can prevent the affair

Not nice, but unfortunately also true: Quite a few men have cheated on their current partner. The reasons for the affair are varied. But you can prevent it, for example, by providing a change in bed, because boredom is a typical reason. Also, show your partner that you think they are hot. Men who no longer feel desired by their partner are more likely to cheat.

Sometimes the climax is missing

Incidentally, men can also fake an orgasm. One possible sign of this: He disposes of the condom very quickly and is rather silent afterwards. But that's not yet a cause for concern. If he is too stressed or too tired, maybe he has drank too much alcohol, then it becomes difficult with the ejaculation.

You should only ask if your partner does not come often. Then there could be a health problem or great psychological pressure behind it, for example if the desire to conceive is on his neck.

Benefit from porn

And then there is the internet. More precisely: all the porn films that can be found there. The majority of men watch such films regularly. You can treat your partner to this fun, as long as it doesn't get out of hand and just hangs in front of the computer. It is natural curiosity that drives men to do so. At best, he will learn a new sex practice that will sweeten your love life for both of you.

By the way, keeping him company while watching porn isn't a bad idea either. That can turn you on and bring a somewhat sluggish sex life back on its toes.