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Doomsday was the attempt of a Kryptonian scientist to create the perfectly adapted being. He's the only one who was able to kill Superman. When he's not killing beloved childhood heroes, Doomsday draws a trail of havoc across the universe. Even the whole Justice League including Superman, it took great effort to get at the monster. Since Doomsday is in fact immortal, it returns to life more malicious and powerful after each "death".

biography[Edit | Edit source]

Comics Edit source]

Millennia before krypton settled by the civilized and human-like Cryptorians, the planet was considered a kind of hell, dominated by hardship and violence. Only the strongest life forms could survive in this world. The alien scientist began with this thought Bertron to conduct cruel experiments on a newborn to create the perfect life form. However, due to the aforementioned cruelty of those experiments, the baby developed differently than planned into a murderous monster, with a hatred of all living things.

One day, Doomsday managed to escape its creators and leave Krypton by means of a supply ship. With that began his bloody campaign through the universe. Once on Earth, it wasn't long before Doomsday Metropolis reached. Superman faced the monster personally and a long battle ensued. The final ended in a draw as both opponents killed each other with one final blow.

Because of his immortality, Doomsday mysteriously returned to life and moved on through space, leaving a trail of devastation.

Cartoon series Edit source]

In Superman: The Animated Series as well as later in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited Doomsday's genesis differs slightly from the comic book. Here the monster was created on Earth as part of Project Cadmus. Its creators used pieces of Superman's DNA to make a clone of the same - similar to how Bizarre. Doomsday was later trained to hate Superman. When it finally could no longer be kept under control, it was decided without further ado to shoot it into space with a space rocket. Doosmday, however, turned out to be stronger than expected, freed itself and returned to earth.

He later fought Superman and the Justice League but failed to kill the Man of Steel. After he was defeated with united forces, the heroes tried to get information from him. Doomsday was silent, however, and it turned out to be immune to mind reading. Eventually it was decided to banish him to the Phantom Zone, where he could not be dangerous to anyone.

Superman: Doomsday (cartoon) [edit | Edit source]

In the animated film adaptation Superman: Doomsday (2007) Doomsday was created as the ultimate soldier. However, its creators soon realized that the monster could not distinguish between friend and foe. There was a danger that he would attack any living being indiscriminately and so it was decided to lock Doomsday in an underground security room.

As a miner of LexCorp while excavations hit the security room, they were warned of its contents by a holographic recording. Ignoring the warning, the workers freed Doomsday from his prison and promptly fell victim to his lust for murder. So Doomsday came to the surface and immediately began to reduce the landscape to rubble and ashes.

Arrived in Metropolis, the monster fought against Superman and caused great damage in the whole city. Superman decided to take one last blow and carried Doomsday far up into the atmosphere. With the force of a bomb, they both thundered back to earth, killing both Doomsday and Superman by the force of the impact.

Smallville (TV series) Edit source]

Here was Doomsday of General Zod and Faora created from genetic material. It landed on earth at about the same time as Kal-El, but consisted only of a kind of viscous mass. In order to adapt, Doomsday gave himself the shape of a human child. Under the name of Davis Bloom Doomsday was passed from orphanage to orphanage. It struck him that he seemed to suffer from strange gaps in his memory because he could not remember his origins.

He later took a job as a paramedic in Metropolis, where he worked alongside Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen on too Chloe Sullivan who he soon fell in love with. Davis Bloom / Doomsday's life changed when a killer showed up in Metropolis. At that time Davis found himself naked and bloodstained at the crime scenes, but could not remember anything. Before long, he began to suspect that he might be unconsciously responsible for the murders.

As Davis blackouts continued to worsen, he realized that he could only keep his dark side under control around Chloe Sullivan. Clark and Chloe finally forged the plan to separate Davis Bloom and Doomsday with the help of black kryptonite. The plan worked and so it was finally possible for Clark to fight and defeat Doomsday in Metropolis.

Powers & skills[Edit | Edit source]

Superhuman strength - Doomsday's physical powers far exceed that of an ordinary person and are even stronger than that of an ordinary Kryptonian. He easily accomplishes physical feats similar to Superman - for example his super jump - and lifts objects weighing tons with ease.

Increased speed - Despite its size and robustness, Doomsday reacts at a speed that can no longer be seen with the human eye. By increasing his powers, Doomsday achieved a speed that enabled him to travel the solar system in seconds.

Kryptonian sensual acuity - Doomsday's senses are not only better than those of a human, they also enable him to sense other living beings with Kryptonian genetic makeup over certain distances.

invulnerability - Similar to Superman, Doomsday has a kind of invulnerability. Bombs, missiles, grenades, laser fire, or any other common weapon do no harm to it.

Adaptability - Doomsday automatically develops immunity to any type of attack that harms it. Because of this, he cannot be defeated in the same way twice. Although he can be injured by external influences - such as Superman's fall to earth - but not actually killed. Its adaptability also allows Doomsday to heal itself quickly. Nor does it need food, water or oxygen to survive.

Absorbency - In the universe of the New 52, ​​Doomsday has the ability to draw energy from other objects or living beings.