Which engineer seems to be more attractive for girls

impressions of mentees and mentors

"It was a lucky day for me when my physics teacher handed me a registration form for CyberMentor and asked if I was interested. - Of course I was. - And since then I have come to appreciate and love CyberMentor to the fullest. it has become so much an integral part of my everyday life that I no longer want to imagine what would be if CyberMentor didn't exist. Stopping by CyberMentor is already part of my daily routine. For me, CyberMentor is like an additional (favorite -) Elective subject with a very motivated and extremely competent mentor as a role model and friend. The friendly exchange of ideas with other mentees and the constant helpfulness of all mentors is just as impressive to me as the omnipresent great support from the CyberTeam. "
"CyberMentor offers its mentees the chance to try out their skills in an environment in which any question, any kind of scientific interest and commitment is welcome. The platform enables them to break out of their assigned role and get projects off their feet with other like-minded, motivated participants The personal, enthusiastic atmosphere is a breeding ground for ambitious activities and that in such a beautiful, individual way. With a few words I couldn't recommend CyberMentor to a friend. I would rave about half an hour and not get too fluent stop being, then she would be overwhelmed by information and I would say: "It's a great thing, is a chance. Just give it a try!" And then I would grin and know that she will like it. "
"As someone who took part in CyberMentor as a student myself, I know how much students can benefit from mentoring. As a student, it is extremely important to have a role model who has achieved something that you want for yourself learns that everything in this world is possible as long as you want it from the heart. This keeps dreams alive that fade into the background during puberty and growing up or would otherwise disappear completely. Via CyberMentor you can give young girls something that you might have needed something earlier yourself or give something back that helped you in the past. As a mentor, CyberMentor is a great asset. The views and thoughts of girls can be very inspiring and it is a great experience to empower girls with interests in the STEM field to support."
"I heard from CyberMentor about my employer's CSR program and found it an exciting experience to be able to give young girls insights into working life and to help them arouse and promote their interest in IT. I chat with my mentee and we already had video chats. I was already very impressed at the beginning of the mentoring year when I saw that my mentee had programmed a game for which she also showed me the making-of. I am thrilled by how far my mentee is already despite her young age and how much motivation she brings. For me, CyberMentor is also a great opportunity to make new contacts and gain insight into MINT areas that have tended to be forgotten in recent years. "
"What I particularly like about CyberMentor is that you can exchange ideas with“ like-minded people ”and learn a lot about STEM topics at the same time. CyberMentor also gives you the chance to take part in competitions that my local school doesn't offer. Besides many Information and numerous impressions have resulted, above all, in valuable friendships, which, beyond CyberMentor and the mentoring time, make up a part of my life and remind me again and again how grateful I am to CyberMentor. It is a unique opportunity that you get shouldn't be missed. And if you're afraid you won't have enough time for the program, you should try it anyway, because you can set the time you spend on it individually with the mentor / community. "
"When I talk to my female students, it struck me again and again how important role models are. My faculty for technical processes has around 25% women. I am very proud of that and word gets around. It seems to be more attractive for female students. to apply for an engineering degree that already has a high percentage of women or is already studying someone who you know from school, for example. I always want to work on projects with my mentees that they find exciting. The MINT subjects should In addition, the projects should show the mentees what they can do: tricky math, programming, setting up electronic circuits, etc. When I get a message that, for example, the sensor is now working and in use, that makes me happy too! are interesting projects where we can work things out together. "