Are there any unknown reverse harem animes

Slowly I pushed my wrists out of Dabi's hands, which fell on them next to my head. Without thinking too much about it, I pulled the older one into my arms. This plopped wordlessly on top of me, but I ignored the pain for now.
I can hardly breathe, but it doesn't matter.
I hummed a soothing melody and smoothly rubbed Dabi's back.
After a while his body relaxed again and his breathing became more regular.
But just when I thought I could speak to the bigger one, his body began to tremble again.
Shortly afterwards there was a restrained sob.
What the-?
Then one more thing. Then one more thing. And finally one more thing.
He cries...
A little surprised that Dabi suddenly returned the hug, my body tensed.
Um, so it's getting ambiguous ...
If someone comes into the room now, it will be fun. Funny but also uncomfortable.
Reluctantly, I raised a hand to Dabi's hair.
Should I...? Or should I not? I just do it
Slowly I began to stroke Dabi's hair and, just like with Katsuki, was surprised to find that his hair was damn soft.
What do guys do to make their hair so soft? Which shampoo are they using, please?
I want hair that soft too ...
Smiling, I continued to stroke Dabi's hair and decided to keep doing it until he calmed down again.
I am really way too nice

After a few minutes it was quiet in the room, which is why I assumed that Dabi had fallen asleep. To be honest, I got really tired and almost fell asleep a couple of times. Sighing softly, I pushed him off me. He fell to my right, but his arms still wrapped around me.
Whoa, are you serious?
I tried to push his arms away, but his grip was too tight. Every time I tried his grip tightened and I slowly ran out of strength.
This is just unreal
The thought briefly occurred to me to wake him up, but I immediately pushed it aside. Maybe he would react the way he did before. After a moment's thought, I realized that I had no choice but to stay here.
So I did that too. Tomorrow morning I'll regret it safe, but it's not tomorrow yet and besides, they say so beautifully that you should live in the present.
For once I listened to a saying and closed my eyes. Immediately the tiredness overcame me and I drifted into dreamland.


"Get up now," I heard someone say, but ignored it.
"I'm tired, let me go back to sleep ..." I mumbled into something soft and then pressed myself into this unknown something. It was hard, but also soft and it also smelled so ... familiar?
I couldn't describe it, but I definitely wanted to stay here.
,, No, you don't go back to sleep, if we are late for the mission, I will be killed, not you, so finally let go of me and get up! How can you even be so strong? "
Gradually annoyed by the voice, I opened one eye and met a blue one.
Huh? What?
I also opened the other eye and blinked a few times to understand the situation.
What happened again yesterday? I went to my room, I was bored, I wanted to get my cell phone and-
From then on I knew what had happened. I quickly let go of Dabi and sat up.
No, no, no, that can't be true!
"About time", Dabi grumbles immediately and crawls out of bed. Hesitantly I crawl after him.
He goes to his closet and starts rummaging around.
I watch him suspiciously when he suddenly began to take off his T-shirt;
"Whoa, what are you doing?", I turn around quickly and stare at the wall, probably with reddened cheeks.
"What do you mean?" He just asked, but I can feel him grinning.
That bum
,,You know exactly what I mean! Why are you just taking off your clothes ?! "
"Well, this is MY room," he emphasized.
,,That does not matter! I, a young, innocent woman, am in your room right now, so what gives you the right to just- "During my speech I accidentally turned to him, and now the black-haired man was completely off his T-shirt.
Ashamed, I immediately turned away again.
As soon as it's done, I'll leave.
,, Please don't blush (y / n). Just admit that you liked what you saw, "he said and suddenly I felt the mattress collapse.
Surprised, I turned around and almost slammed into Dabi's forehead. I jerked back, but felt the cold wall behind me.
Walls are overrated
"You're red," grins Dabi while I try to keep my eyes looking straight ahead.
It is smore difficult than it sounds
"Shut up," I growl and try to look seriously. Dabi laughs. But it wasn't a mocking one. No, it was a sincere, free and, above all, pleasant laugh.
I don't quite understand why he's laughing, but I couldn't help but smile either.
When Dabi has calmed down again, he crawled back on the edge of the bed and sat on it with his back to me.
I followed him in silence and sat down next to him.
"I'm waiting," I finally said with a grin and glanced over at him.
Briefly he looked at me offended, but finally smiled.
He looked me straight in the eye.
"You're welcome," my grin widened, which made Dabi roll his eyes.
"A-So we should hurry up, we're running late. Otherwise the Creepy will get angry and I don't feel like that early in the morning, "says Dabi and walks towards his closet.
Probably to hide his red cheeks, but that didn’t help, because of course I saw them anyway.
"Mhm", still grinning, I hopped from the bed to the door and went back to my room.
Otherwise I'm always the morning grouch, but this morning I'm kind of happy.