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Parents' day at school

Text: D.S. Teacher / Pedagogue / Last update: 16.01.2021

What is a parenting day?

During each school year, at least two parenting days are held to which all parents are invited to discuss school performance with their children's teachers.

What is the Parents' Day for?

The parents' day is there to give the parents an overview of the school performance and the behavior of the child. You can also use this opportunity to address problems that exist in a particular subject or are of a domestic nature. As a rule, it makes sense to visit the child’s class teacher on the parent’s day, as well as the main subject teacher (German, math, foreign languages) and teachers in whose subjects the child does not perform well. The conversation on parents' day primarily revolves around school performance; the oral grades are often announced shortly before the appointment so that there is an opportunity to discuss them. As parents, you should therefore speak to your child about this topic before the parenting day so as not to experience any surprises. Furthermore, student-specific problems can be discussed on the parenting day - there are behavioral problems, the child has a problem with a certain teacher, is a stay abroad planned or should Tutoring be taken? All of these things can be discussed during the parenting day. By the way, it is recommended that the conversation only be conducted between the teacher and the parents. Usually it makes less sense if the child is present at the meeting. Although this is basically possible, the parents should better talk to their child afterwards about any problems that may exist. As interested parents, you can of course visit all of your child's teachers on parenting day, but most of the time the minor subjects can be neglected as long as the grades are correct and no problems exist.

Preparation and planning of the parenting day

All parents will receive a written invitation to this event well in advance of the parenting day. In most schools, writing is given out in class. Receipt of the invitation must then be confirmed by the parents with a signature. Parents are asked to note with which teachers they would like an interview and to make an appointment during the parenting day. The school will then try to give all parents an appointment in order to avoid unnecessary waiting times. In this way, an attempt is made to give all parents a schedule that is as time-saving as possible.


As part of the parenting day, there is only a limited period of time available for each interview, so it is important to keep to the schedule you have received. In most cases the duration of the call is fixed at 5-10 minutes. If you need more time, it is advisable to make an appointment outside of the parenting day. Every teacher offers such dates. Simply speak to the relevant teacher about it. During the parenting day, there may be a need to talk to a teacher who has not previously been the focus of attention. In this case you should visit this teacher, even if you have not made an appointment beforehand. If an interview is not possible directly, you can still make an appointment for a separate interview on one of the following days.

What do the teachers expect from me?

Many parents are nervous before a parenting day because they don't know what is actually expected of them. This does not have to be the case, because the conversation is usually very matter-of-fact and calm and those who generally take care of their child's schooling will not experience any surprises on the parenting day. Many teachers want to get to know each parent better during the parenting day and to find out whether there is a domestic cause for any problems. Does the child not have a job? Is the sports club more important than homework? Is there support for learning for class work, etc. If a teacher knows the home background, he can take this into account when assessing performance and also adapt his dealings with the student accordingly. It is important that you treat the teacher with respect, even if your child has problems with this person. Conflicts can be resolved much better in a calm atmosphere and perhaps the conversation on parenting day can bring clarity to the matter. Also, be open and honest. Do not fool the teacher, but name problems in the private sphere. Teachers are well aware that if their parents have recently separated or have other problems, students will underperform or exhibit behavioral problems. This is the only way to ensure that the respective teacher can respond to the child accordingly.

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