Where does Mixcloud get its music from?

As a DJ, where can I get legal music from?

Where do DJs get their music from? Where can I buy music as a DJ?

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One thing should be said in advance:

You don't build up a music collection overnight!

It took me over 20 years for myself. And every few decades there are new and different ways to get new music. And yes, it costs a lot of money!

If you went through record stores, media markets or flea markets several years ago to look around for novelties, trends or even real rarities, today you tend to use digital media and can simply download individual songs or entire albums on your mobile phone or PC.

A lot has happened in the music industry. MCs (i.e. old cassettes) were replaced by the CD in the 90s, which in turn should get competition from the mini-disc, but that didn't really work.


And then came the MP3 file.

A file that is the wav. Format of the audio CD to use, but when digitizing individual tracks cuts away the frequencies that a human cannot hear. And zap, the file is only 4MB instead of 40MB.

Today, MP3 is the most common format and what any software, DJ player or controller can play.


But how do you get hold of new music these days?

Especially when you're starting out as a DJ and don't even know how to get all those songs that other DJs are playing with, a good tip is always helpful.

So I want to give you 5 places to go to get new music. This is really about contact points to buy music that also belongs to you.

We leave out streaming services like Spotify or Tidal.


Buy CDs and then digitize them

(This is probably the cheapest solution)

Whether you buy these CDs new in a Media Markt, used on a CD exchange or online from Amazon is up to you.

Especially at Amazon you can get used CDs for a few cents.

Above all, buying CDs has one big advantage: You can determine the quality of the songs you want to create as MP3s. You can set the bit rate of the MP3 yourself. However, this is not possible if you already buy them digitally.

Tip from me:
If you buy a CD NEW from Amazon, you will even get the digital MP3 download for free. Usually the audio CD costs only a few euros more than the MP3 download alone. You could then sell the CD New & Original, keep the MP3 download and thus have a new album for a few euros.
Buy music on Amazon here


Digital download

Buy individual albums, samplers, compilations or songs via digital download from Amazon, Itunes, Beatport, etc.

This is probably what most DJs use these days. They go out of appropriate platforms and buy their music digitally here.

Whether that is then on Amazon or e.g. the competitor Itunes from Apple, you can decide for yourself. At some point I started with Amazon and stuck with it.

Especially on these big platforms you can get music from the last 60 years. However, you can also use special platforms that specialize in certain types of music, such as Beatport (it's all about electronic music then) buy your music.

The advantage of digital download is:

Here you can just buy individual titles.

Is e.g. the new David Guetta song in the charts, you can buy it here individually without having to buy the whole album.

You can also buy some songs here individually in special mixes that are found on the normal album, for example. not there at all. Especially we DJs like to use "Extended" or "Club Mixes".
Download music here


Promo pools

You can also register with promotion pools and always get the latest music from them as a promo.

Some pools charge monthly fees for providing you with music, while others are free. To do this, however, you have to rate every song that you want to download there. You have to answer a lot of questions about the song. In return, however, you can download it for free.

You can download a list of the most popular promo pools here for free. You can see directly where you get which music from.

To the Promo Pool overview


Facebook pools

Since Facebook existed and the Facebook groups have grown so rapidly, some DJs & producers have also used them as promo pools.

Individual artists use this e.g. to bring their latest hits or remixes to the DJs as a promo and offer them the song for free download.

In return, the DJ should submit a short review of the song in the download thread.

Here the artist alone decides who he wants in his group and his pool and who doesn't.

Since these pools keep coming and going, I am not listing pools here for now. The easiest way is to use the Facebook search to find pools. You may even know one or the other, then write them down in the comments.



Here, too, you can get music.

Some artists, remixers or producers not only offer their songs to listen to, but also to download them free of charge.

However, it is often associated with a huge search effort to find something sensible, since everyone can really offer their music for download here, and you cannot tell whether the song was produced by a great artist or 13 year old Kevin his virtual DJ uploaded a recording which he then named after a recent top hit.

Just give it a try. I know DJs who spend a lot of time here trying to find great mixes. But I also know others whose time is too precious to waste "looking for a needle in a haystack".

Bonus tip:

Epidemic Sound. With this platform you get thousands of license-free music & sound effects that you can freely use as a DJ.

I myself use the platform to get music for my YouTube videos without the videos being blocked due to copyright.

View here (click here!)


NO GOs | What you should NOT do

Especially as a beginner you don't know where to get your music from. Of course, you first think of the easiest way. But that is often not very advisable or even illegal. Since I received several emails and questions from DJs on exactly these topics, I want to show you here what you should NOT do:

Rip songs on YouTube

This is

  1. not welcome and
  2. a shitty quality


Buy hard drives from other DJs

This is

  1. illegal and
  2. Really stupid because then you don't know your music. You have never heard it and you don't know which song is going well at a party or not.
  3. Who knows if these aren't all illegal YouTube downloads too


Why is it illegal?

Abstract: First and foremost, because the purchase of the music is bypassed and the artist who produced the song doesn't make any money. That means (broken down clearly): He doesn't get paid for his work.

And you want to get paid when you work ?!

There are no excuses how it can be used! If you use "not bought" music to play publicly, it is illegal. You may only use it at home for private use! Anything beyond that, i.e. distribution, copying or making available publicly, constitutes an infringement of copyrights and is therefore not permitted.

You can get more detailed information about YouTube and the download here.


Most novice DJs have no problem getting the latest music.

But what about older music, e.g. the 70s, 80s, 90s?

You should definitely own these 10 albums / samplers:

There are special CD samplers that accommodate many top hits from decades, styles of music, etc.

  1. Party hits
  2. The hit giants
  3. Party power pack
  4. Best of 70s
  5. Best of 80s
  6. Best of 90s
  7. Best of House & Dance Music


They were the Gos & No-Gos where you can get music as a DJ.


Since some questions are often asked about this video, I will answer them here once in general:

Do you have a suggestion for a program that I can use to rip CDs?

Yes, I myself use Windows Media Player in the classic way. Works perfectly and you can set the bitrate yourself in the options

How high should the bit rate be set?

At 320 kBit / s, only .flac files are higher and better in quality but also as files larger where a 320 kbit / s Mp3 has e.g. 8 MB, the .flac is already at 28 MB or even higher.

With 192-320kbit / s you are pretty good. If you want more, you can also use the original wav. Use file.

If the CDs are sold again after being ripped, what about the copyright? Or do I have to keep the CD`s?

With GEMA you license copies of your music (happens automatically when ripping), these are those. What you do with the original is your decision.


How to get masses of music | Livestream

In this livestream video you will find out how you can get masses of music quickly and easily: