Singing Are there variations of the perfect pitch


The voice is one of the most important means of expression and communication for humans.

Humans are the only species with two phonetic communication systems: song and language.

Language, too, is like singing, characterized by a variation in pitch, volume, rhythm and speed.

It is not only important what someone says, but also how it is said.

Victor Hugo's sentence also applies to singing: Music expresses that which cannot be said and about which it is impossible to remain silent.

In our modern knowledge and communication society, there are a large number of voice-intensive occupations, voice disorders are common in voice-intensive occupations and have a negative effect on both the well-being of the person concerned and on professional performance.

Knowledge of preventive measures is particularly important for this group of people. Voice disorders are often not taken as seriously as other diseases, although for those affected it means a considerable reduction in quality of life and professional performance. With a targeted examination and larynx function diagnostics, it is possible to offer a therapy appropriate to the disease.

The human voice is generated by a perfect coordination of breathing, vocal fold movements and articulation movements. The movement patterns used are among the most complex movements that humans are capable of. Not only the interaction of certain muscle groups is responsible for a normal voice, but the human being in his entire personality .

A disturbance of the vocal function can have various causes. Regardless of the cause, the main symptom is hoarseness. This change in the sound of the voice can also be accompanied by other limitations in vocal performance, voice resilience and subjective sensations.

The disturbances of the voice are roughly divided into organic causes and functional causes.

Organic causes are inflammation, injuries, benign - and malignant changes in the vocal folds.

If there are functional disorders, the vocal fold examination does not initially reveal any pathological findings. In functional disorders, there is a disorder in the coordination of movement patterns and the tension mechanism of the voice production apparatus. The cause is assumed to be incorrect and uneconomical use of the voice. Often psychological factors also play a role.

In some voice disorders such as the vocal cord nodules and inflammatory changes in voice overload or in women with hormone-related voice disorders, the transitions between functional and organic disorders are fluid.

Severe general illnesses, hormonal dysregulation or neurological disorders can also cause voice disorders. The voice function can be damaged with external toxins (e.g. nicotine) or internal factors (e.g. acid reflux from the stomach).

The hoarseness symptom can have a variety of causes, it can always be a malignant disease, so any hoarseness that lasts longer than 3 weeks should be clarified by an ENT specialist.