Would you buy a Ferrari SUV

What we know about Ferrari's SUV: Purosangue

Ferrari is up to the task again and the luxury automaker is responding to the growing demand for a sport utility vehicle. The rumors have been confirmed and it looks like we have another competitor in the ring for model year 2022. This is one of their best kept secrets, and while Ferrari is working hard to hold it back, spycams and curious minds have managed to break the veil of secrecy to learn as much as possible about Ferrari's new SUV, the Purosangue will be called. Here's what we know about the upcoming model so far.

Ferrari is eventually hollowing out

It's no secret that Ferrari has long bowed its neck and refused to change the course of its prestigious sexy and sporty models known for their insane speed and high-end luxury. It's not the type of car you buy for the family, and while kids love soccer practice, that wasn't the original intent. It looks like that will change with the new Ferrari Purosangue 2022, which has everything it takes to become Ferrari's first crossover SUV. The CEO, Louis Camilleri, has long defended the manufacturer's trajectory. It's like the words "sport utility vehicle" are a criminal offense, but we saw a change in attitudes recently when they admitted that the new line will be a four-wheeler. Drive the four-seater model, which is 60% hybrid. We note that Ferrari is trying to fill the communication gap on the name of Purosangue, which means “pure blood” in Italian. This suggests that we are in the process of acquiring a new SUV, as the world has already done. never seen before.

A big change for the brand

Camilleri himself has said that the Ferrari brand and the term SUV do not mix because the brand has historically not represented this sector of the industry. As a result, it's really a big deal for Ferrari and it could have an impact on the name, maybe positively or vice versa. So we have to assume that it will be something special, and it is doubtful that it will look like an SUV at least aesthetically.

What we're told about the basics

Spy cameras captured footage that gave viewers just enough to make educated guesses about the new vehicle. Some of the biggest minds of the new models have determined that the new Purosangue will be a front-mid engine in architecture, and so far its development process will include a dual-clutch transmission in the rear with a hybrid engine system. with one or maybe two electric motors to keep torque at Ferrari levels. They believe there will be some hidden features like retractable door handles and C-shaped headlights, but when it comes to the gasoline engine, this has yet to be guessed. Slashgear pose that rumors of a V6 or V8 will complement the all-wheel drive system.

Take your time and strive for perfection

We didn't expect Ferrari to produce anything other than perfection, as confirmed by Camilleri, who still vaguely knows the details of the new Purosangue, but he has confirmed that it will be a significantly larger vehicle. The brand planned to launch the first models in 2019 but is still changing the little things. It will likely be a first race from 2022, with 15 new confirmed models introduced to the world as limited and special cars. Issues that combine practicality and performance.

Confusing news

Camilleri sure doesn't want the new Purosangue to be labeled an SUV as it just isn't Ferrari's character, but it definitely looks like the platform under which the new vehicle will be classified would, at least from the rest of the world. A closer look at the known facts about the car seems to suggest that it will be available in two models and in our door models, and that the body will likely be on par with the Lamborghini Urus, which, by the way, will be direct competition from the new vehicle. Spy cams also found high ground clearance, although they are careful to camouflage the car during test drives. While it is difficult to determine which engine will be used, there are currently three potential candidates: a V12 engine, an 8-liter V3.8 with two turbochargers, or a new 2.9-liter hybrid V6 with two turbochargers . It's hard to tell as Ferrari may already have something new in the works that no one will notice.

Final thoughts

If you don't know exactly what the new Ferrari SUV is going to look like and how it's going to handle it, don't feel uncomfortable because the rest of the world is too. It's exciting to confirm that the brand has finally given in to meet the current public demand for SUV vehicles, even if they don't label them as such. Lamborghini was ready to give it a try, and there was clearly a demand for high-priced luxury SUVs. So we don't think Ferrari will have any problems marketing and cleaning up its inventory. It's like Ferrari developing a new concept like this in a special or limited edition and making several variations on it, as low numbers add to its value and collection capacity, even if it does. These are sport utility vehicles. Either way, they will always have the brand name, and this is a welcome event for many - that is, those who have an estimated $ 200 and who we believe are essential to real estate. Overall, there is agreement that this is a good step off the brand and we all look forward to seeing the first real pictures when the brand decides it's time to make a real revelation.