How do I get over my first love

How do you get over your first great love?

I am now 23 years old.
I have known my first big love since the 5th grade. We have been together since 12th grade (18).
I was always averse, even when I knew of her feelings for me. But then she somehow managed to make me fall in love with her and that really hard.
And now, after 5 years, it's over, from now on, out of nowhere. Her feelings are no longer what she would like them to be. She was suddenly so cold and inconsiderate within 3 days.
It's been 7 months now, but I can't get it out of my head. There are days when I'm fine. But every evening, alone in bed, everything comes up again.
It hurts so incredibly and pulls me down so deep when I realize that the two of us will never be there again.
I look back on the time together. We have seen so much. Did the Abitur together, learned for it together, then she started her studies while I had to go to the armed forces. Then we visited the first common apartment, as we were looking for, and finally furnished our apartment. It was such an intense and wonderful time with so many memories. We both did so many crazy things just to be together.
I had more or less all of my "first times" with her and started life side by side with her.
I've spent the best time of my life with her non-stop.
We had the same future plans and often talked about our future together and imagined what it would look like.
But what's next now? I am at a loss.
Even if I get to know someone new, I will always remember that time?
When I do something or flirt with other girls now, I feel no joy, on the contrary. It makes me even sadder. And the more serious it gets, the more I have to think about my former girlfriend.
Somehow I feel like my best time is up and that's it. That nothing better can come that somehow approaches the "old days" or that can hold a candle to it.
I would never have dreamed that it would take so long and paralyze me for so long. I'm usually a rather cold person and I hardly let myself be thrown off course. Not even deaths in my family have affected me that badly.

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