Why are car windows tinted black forbidden?

Tinting car windows: what is allowed, what is forbidden?

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Type approval not carried10 €
Driving with limited visibility10 €
Vehicle not properly driven in traffic25 €
... with impairment of road safety90 €1

When tinted car windows result in a fine

They allow one nobler appearance, provide protection from UV rays and at the same time ensure less heat inside the vehicle - Tinted car windows have been gaining popularity for years, and not just in the tuning scene. For some it just depends mysterious and stylish appearance on, he plays for the others Sun protection in the car an important role.

There generally exist two options for window tinting:

  • Tint film attach to the car
  • Replacement of the discs against tinted glasses

However, contrary to the opinion of some drivers, the imagination is there are definitely limitsif you want your Want to tint car windows. Not all changes are allowed or beneficial; some may even move in fine after yourself. But who decides what is forbidden?

Which regulations in the Window tinting must be noted which Car windows you are allowed to tint at all and which costs can be found in our guide. In addition, you will find out what to expect when you use your Not tinting car windows properly.

FAQ: Tinting car windows

How can car windows be tinted?

With this type of tuning, either tinted windows can be used or special tint films can be attached.

When do tinted windows result in sanctions?

This table of fines provides an overview of the various offenses.

Which discs can I tint?

Which car windows you are allowed to tint and which are not, regulates the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). In § 40 StVZO it says among other things:

Panes made of safety glass, which are important for the driver's view, must be clear, translucent and free of distortion. "

This means you A tint film may not be attached to the windscreen or the front side windows on the right and left of the car.

Such could let too little light through that Distort the driver's view or otherwise restrict it. If this is not able to see the road sufficiently, this can be done for a higher accident risk speak and conjure up a danger in traffic.

A Transparent film however, those at the front side windows is appropriate, can may be allowed. In the event of breakage, this type of film will ensure that the Glass is held together.

At the Windshield however, they are forbidden, that I Bubbles or waves could form that prevent the driver from having a perfect view. It is therefore only allowed by law that Rear window as well as the rear car windows to be tinted. If you are caught violating the law, a Warning money of 10 euros threaten. However, if traffic safety is impaired due to your vehicle, this can also happen very quickly 90 euros plus one point in Flensburg become due.

Tinting windows: with or without foil?

As mentioned earlier, either the Replacing the pane or attaching foils can be made to darken the car windows. With each variant, however, exist certain points that must be observed. We explain what these are in the following.

Replace windows with tinted glasses

If you decide not to tint the car windows, but rather to exchange for new ones, one thing is particularly important: the general type approval (ABG).

They can be used to ensure that the new parts on the vehicle comply with the applicable European regulations.

You can tell whether the new, tinted windows have been approved by one Certification mark, which is embossed in one of the lower corners. This character is often referred to as ECE approval, ABG number or EC type approval designated.

You should also pay attention to the certification mark for the reason that No two car models are exactly alike. There are always small deviations. Do not take into account the respective type approval, it could be that the tinted car windows are too big or too small and therefore do not fit into the frame of your vehicle. This would have a Damage to the body result.

With the new windows for the vehicle you can choose between different levels and thus determine the degree of darkening that suits you best. Make sure, however, that the model of your choice has a adequate UV protection in order to be able to guarantee the sun protection desired in the car. In addition, the car windows should be off Safety glass consist. Plexiglass panes are not allowed and can even be the reason why your vehicle does not receive a TÜV sticker.

By the way: If you choose to swap instead of tinting the car windows, then this should be you never take it into your own hands. Since the normal Otto driver usually lacks the necessary know-how, the vehicle or the windows could make one irreparable damage carry away. The Installation by a professional is therefore mandatory here.

Tint car windows with foil

The second option is to use the Wrapping car windows. Again, it is particularly important that it is are not cheap foils.

Only tint films that have a Type approval should be used to control the To tint car windows. Otherwise, in the worst case scenario, your vehicle could even be his Lose the operating license.

It may also be that the The tint film does not fit properlyif you don't follow the respective ABG number orientate. This is usually embossed in the film and must easily recognizable from the outsideonce it has been attached. By the way, foils with type approval are already tailored to the respective car model.

You also have the window tinting free choice. Depending on whether you are more of a light or almost opaque tint wish - this can be achieved with the right foil. A special eye-catcher is a so-called Mirror foil, which ensures a strong darkening in the interior, on the other hand, to the outside silver reflects.

What many drivers don't know: Tint films are allowed can only be attached from the inside! In addition, a distance of at least one millimeter between the pane surround or rubber seal and film lie when you want to tint your car windows. Usually bid professional workshops or car glaziers such a procedure.
Can you also tint car windows yourself?

This possibility exists, but it is not recommended. If you have your Tint car windows yourself, the risk is pretty high Form bubbles. You are more likely to achieve a professional and clean result if you remove the windows on your car let the professional sound out.

This usually even gives you one warrantyif part of the film does come off after a certain period of time.

Getting your car windows tinted is a cost of around 300 Euro to be expected from the specialist. If you work on your own with the window tinting, you will come initially cheaper of it, but need to be in the event of possible repairs reach into your pocket again; apart from the result.

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Tinting car windows: what is allowed, what is forbidden?
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