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Instead of horsehair: lawyer in England presents the first vegan wig

This lawyer presents his exclusively made vegan wig Image: Screenshot (edited)

While lawyers in Germany can wear just about anything they want (at least more or less) in court, in England (and countries of today's Commonwealth) even stricter morals prevail. There, trial lawyers in court usually wear a wig - made of horse hair - in addition to the attorney's robe. It is intended to emphasize the dignity of the judiciary.

Horse hair? Does it really have to be?
Apparently not - because there are good vegan alternatives for that too!

Samuel March, an English lawyer and volunteer with the "Advovates for Animals", has now had a vegan lawyer wig made - from hemp fibers. He proudly presents them on Twitter. VegNews reported. It is probably the world's first vegan lawyer wig!

The vegan wig was made by the sustainable and animal-friendly fashion label Cultiva Kingdom. According to reports, this invention is still a one-off production, but vegan hemp wigs for lawyers are to be added to the standard range this year.

In principle, he supports wearing wigs in court, Samuel March told the Daily Record. "People should be able to express themselves freely and according to their values". Just as a Sikh should wear a turban instead of a lawyer wig in court, vegans should also be allowed to wear something suitable.

In 2025, a quarter of the people in Great Britain would be vegetarian or vegan, writes the fashion label in a blog entry. A young, meat-free generation who will in future also value ethical clothing in court. So Samuel March may have discovered a real niche in the market for himself.

The (powder-free) horsehair wigs were originally introduced by Humphrey Ravenscroft in 1822 - almost 200 years ago! You can admire more pictures of the vegan wig in this tweet.

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Author: editorial staff