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Alpaca knitting yarn

Alpaca is a particularly valuable and fascinating yarn. The woolen clothing of the alpacas is also valued as a "warming gift from God to people". Baby alpaca in particular, the cuddly soft noble hair, is considered a luxury yarn due to its preciousness and delicacy. We can only testify to this: our baby alpaca wool feels truly divine. We are deeply convinced of our fine baby alpaca wool as a "warming gift": 100% baby alpaca - Made in Peru - Fair Trade. A divine thread.

In the times of the Incas, the noble yarn was only reserved for kings, today you can also use the exquisite wool for your individual clothing.

With our beautiful yarns we want to encourage you to be creative yourself, because knitting is good for body, mind and soul.

DIY: knitting is all the rage!

Knitting is trendy. With the zeitgeist of slow living, the longing for a conscious life, the desire for decelerated living and the preference for doing it yourself, knitting is also hip again. In addition to the desire for sustainability and individual items of clothing, knitting in itself is extremely enriching: the journey is the goal, the one-of-a-kind hand-knitted item is the trophy. This makes knitting a creative hobby for self-realization that calms you down, makes you happy and is also good for your health:

Knitting is healthy

Those who knit train their brains: manual coordination skills and creativity are encouraged, and the ability to concentrate is strengthened. Studies also show that knitting has a meditative and antihypertensive effect. As relaxing as meditation or yoga, it can lead to a complete state of relaxation. A great stitch, the knitting.

Knitting makes you happy

Anyone who has ever knitted something themselves knows about the unbeatably rewarding feeling of happiness when looking at the finished product. The flow of knitting makes you happy and reduces stress. Stitch by stitch to happiness. And as if by the way, to a self-created unique piece.

Personal knitting art excited - also as a present!

It is not only among aesthetes and fashion-conscious people that self-knitted items are of particular importance. Whether socks, scarves, blankets or a cuddly toy - homemade gifts are extremely popular. Give a present to yourself or your loved ones!

Knitting is sustainable

Those who use high-quality wool for their knitwear create favorites for life. By consciously dealing with your knitting project and the time invested, you value your end product all the more. With our fine alpaca wool In baby alpaca quality you create cuddly, timeless classics.

Knitting with 100% baby alpaca wool from Abolengo de Alpaca

Our recommendation for skin-flattering and long-lasting favorites: Finest alpaca wool in baby alpaca quality from Abolengo de Alpaca. Baby alpaca is a particularly exclusive quality for which only fibers with a diameter of 22.5 micrometers are used. Precious wool made from baby alpaca is particularly supple. The fine fiber gives it a soft, pleasantly light feel and is also suitable for very sensitive skin and people who are allergic to wool. 100% baby alpaca creates particularly fine favorite pieces!

The finest yarn - fabulous stitches

Our baby alpaca wool inspires with its knitting behavior. Wonderfully soft to the touch, the fluffy wool runs extremely smoothly. The wonderfully soft baby alpaca wool can be knitted evenly, hardly splits and produces a wonderful stitch structure. The knitted accessory or item of clothing retains its shape and hardly pills. The alpaca wool becomes even softer and fluffier after washing and the structure patterns can be seen very well.

Our knitting yarns are real all-rounders: Whether feather-light sweaters and jackets, socks, scarves, fine loops, plaids or blankets - let your imagination run wild. Our yarns are suitable for both beginners and professionals. The characteristic fine yarn structure of our alpaca wool delights all knitting enthusiasts.

Pure natural colors: natural or plant-dyed yarn

Our alpaca wool is available in a diverse range of colors. From soft natural tones to lively colors - everyone will find something here. The alpacas delight us in their natural colors with wonderful color nuances, starting from wool white to a beautiful clear black. We prefer to use natural plant colors for the dyed alpaca wool. Inspired by nature, colored with nature.

Peru Fair Trade Yarns: Peruvian Tradition and Expertise

Our alpaca knitting yarn is Peru Fair Trade certified. It is produced fairly and ecologically by our partners in Peru. Partly traditionally hand-spun and hand-dyed. The animal-friendly, environmentally and human-friendly production of our alpaca wool is very important to us. In addition to the high quality of our Alpaca wool, social fairness and ecological responsibility have top priority for us.

Do you have a wish made of alpaca knit? We implement it! You are welcome to order your knitting project from us, we will take care of the time-consuming knitting for you. Let us know your desired made-to-measure alpaca, choose the yarn and we will take care of the rest: We create very special, individual favorite pieces. Our hard-working Lismer women are knitter friends from our village. With loving and careful handwork, our knitting enthusiastic employees create your knitting items for you made-to-measure. Made in Münsterland. We make your knitted dreams come true.

Your tailor-made wish from the "gold of the Incas": the finest alpaca

To realize your knitting wishes, we only use the finest yarns of the highest quality. Our high quality standards are reflected in the choice of yarns for your made-to-measure knitting: We only knit yarns of the finest quality. This is the only way to create classics!

Share your vision with us - we will get to work

We knit your new wool accessory or item of clothing from alpaca individually according to your wishes. Please let us know your ideas about your desired product made of alpaca wool as well as your dimensions: [email protected] or02598-918645.

We will of course be happy to help you and advise you on how to measure for the production!

Alpaca wool - hand-spun and vegetable-dyed

This very special yarn comes from the Andes, where it was hand spun and dyed with natural vegetable dyes. The yarn is Fair Trade certified. The colors are radiant and the thread is cuddly soft, as one is used to from the fleece of the gods. Have a look at our farm shop and convince yourself of the spinning art of the Peruvians from the Andes.

Alpaca yarn for knitting

We look forward to offering you the freshly spun alpaca yarn. For our alpaca wool, we have chosen the particularly suitable alpaca wool thread. The popular color Light Fawn is very gentle this year and resembles a champagne / light beige. It flatters every skin tone and is just a dream. Light gray, medium gray, anthracite and of course natural white are just waiting to be entangled. We are thrilled every year.

The thread of the alpaca yarn is best processed with 4-5 needles. Even beginners can easily knit an alpaca scarf or hat without making complicated patterns. The wool works for itself.

Our tip:

Wonderful alpaca socks or gauntlets can be knitted from the fine yarn. We are happy to send a small sample for you to try. Just write us an email or give us a call.

50 g alpaca yarn (premium and cuddly soft) cost 8.00 euros.

We accept orders from now on. The dispatch takes place immediately.


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Alpaca wool and yarn

We offer our naturally dyed alpaca wool both in skein and in balls. You can choose between two different thread sizes. The thinner thread can be easily processed with a needle size 4-5, the thicker thread with a needle size 6-8. Choose your favorite colors in our online shop or drop by our farm shop.

The right needle

After long research, we discover the Selter company and their knitting needles, the Addi-Nature. Best quality, sustainability and "Made in Germany". The philosophy of the family business was very similar to our values. Our needle test went perfectly and we are thrilled to be able to offer you the naturally beautiful olive wood needles. As circular knitting needles, they combine the positive properties of high-quality wood and aesthetics. They are also suitable for people allergic to nickel. Their tips are extremely stable and have a pretty grain. The wood comes from unsupported olive trees that would otherwise be burned. It knits almost silently and lets our alpaca wool slide over the needles as if by itself. Each knitting needle is unique and is additionally refined with natural, vegetable oils. We carry the Addi-Nature in different lengths and in the right thicknesses for our alpaca wool.

If you don't want to knit the alpaca wool with other needles, you are welcome to take a look at our circular knitting needles made of bamboo from the Addi company, which of course promise the best quality and sustainability. The raw material is obtained from a special region of Japan. The production runs with the greatest care in Germany. The needles have a very fine surface and thus ensure a pleasant and light knitting feeling, which is reinforced by our alpaca wool. A real experience for the senses!

Of course, we also offer double-pointed knitting needles with very smooth tips and transitions that impress with their light, high-quality material. With two balls of alpaca yarn (supersoft) from Abolengo, you can knit your new favorite socks.

Let yourself be inspired in our online shop or visit us in our farm shops at Gut Aldenhövel or Langeoog.

Good to know

Our alpaca wool is easy to machine wash and spin on the wool cycle (at 600 rpm). It is best to use organic wool detergent so that you can enjoy your unique item for as long as possible. A thorough hand wash is sufficient for cleaning. To do this, add a little wool detergent or baby shampoo to 30 ° warm water and first soak the alpaca garment and slowly pull it through the water. Under no circumstances rub or rub, otherwise pebbles will appear. Then rinse your garment well and wrap it in a towel to squeeze out the excess water with a little force. Dry your alpaca clothing lying down and avoid direct sunlight and tumble drying.

The silky soft and warm alpaca products are crease-resistant and hardly pill.

Alpaca wool is self-cleaning and therefore does not need to be washed all the time. Just ventilate your favorite item, whether it is a duvet or a sweater.

In order to protect your natural product well against moths, we recommend that you put a piece of alpaca soap or a bag of Swiss stone pine shavings in the cupboard. In addition, you should always store your knitted items horizontally.

Alpaca wool is very fine, soft, fluffy and particularly suitable for sensitive skin and people who are allergic to wool. The alpaca fiber is a hollow fiber and therefore temperature-regulating and quick-drying. In cold temperatures, body heat is stored and in warm conditions it cools thanks to its ability to conduct heat.

Moisture and sweat are absorbed by the fibers and released again. Odors can be neutralized due to the protein molecules contained in wool.

Baby alpaca twine does not itch or itch. It is nice and soft and comfortable on the skin.

The fineness of the yarn is calculated in microns. When a single hair is less than 19 microns thin, it is called baby alpaca yarn. Valuable breeding alpacas like our animals have this fiber fineness well into old age. When spun or woven, these fine yarns appear very noble and almost silky. Baby alpaca hardly contains any lanolin.

Alpaca fibers in microns

Royal alpaca up to 19.5 microns

Baby alpaca up to 22.0 microns

Alpaca Superfine up to 26.5 microns

Alpaca up to 33.0 microns

We have our alpaca wool dyed with vegetable dyes. This procedure has a very long tradition in Peru. Thanks to a special process, up to 160 different colors shine brightly even after years. Our products are skin-friendly, free from chemicals and protect our environment. The timeless tones always look like new. Of course, you can also dye our white alpaca wool yourself. So there are no limits to your imagination.


We support social institutions, small farmers and farmers in Peru. It is therefore possible that these are not certified, as the financial outlay, e.g. for GOTS or Fair Trade, is far too high. We are there to help people and travel regularly to Peru to look at the local situation. This creates new product ideas, designs and friendly contacts. Through our commitment, we can also give small companies a perspective. Fair trade, fair payment and animal welfare are extremely important to us. Therefore we stay in constant contact with all employees.

Our fine alpaca wool


OEKO-TEX® seal of approval for Abolengo de Alpaca wool


The international organization OEKO-TEX® checks woven goods / fabrics at all processing stages for toxic, allergenic and possible health hazards

Content. Manufacturers of woven goods can voluntarily subject their products to extensive laboratory tests in one of the 15 testing and research institutes. This includes that the employees of OEKO-TEX® check the articles for a permitted color fastness, a skin-neutral pH value and for carcinogenic contents (dyes, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol (PCB)). The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate is issued for 12 months and has to be confirmed again through ongoing examinations. If only a single limit value for toxins such as pesticides or heavy metals is exceeded, the certificate will not be awarded. The globally binding limit values ​​not only include substances forbidden by law, but also pollutants that have already been scientifically classified as questionable, but can still be used. The requirements of OEKO-TEX®, which are updated annually, therefore go far beyond national regulations. Regular spot checks ensure that the quality of the articles remains constant. The “Confidence in Textiles” certificate and logo are internationally the best-known quality marks for fabrics that have been tested for harmful substances. The seal of approval guarantees consumers clothing that is perfectly healthy. A distinction is made between 4 product classes, of which class 1 stands for infants and toddlers and is subject to particularly strict requirements.


Abolengo de Alpaca wool has been awarded the “Textiles Confidence” label and meets the quality criteria of product class 1 with the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 rating. We can proudly claim to offer a natural, sustainable, healthy and skin-friendly product that meets the highest requirements.

Gift idea

Would you like to give your loved ones a sustainable and unique gift? We would be happy to put together a set of alpaca wool and matching knitting needles for you. You choose and we pack. Individually for every occasion and every age.

Our fine alpaca wool

Pamper yourself

Do you love Abolengo alpaca wool, but you cannot or do not want to knit yourself? We are happy to take on commissioned work and can, for example, send you a sweater within 2-3 weeks and hats, gloves or socks after 8 days.

Colored alpaca yarn - colored alpaca wool

We naturally offer many of our alpaca knit yarns undyed in natural colors. The multitude of colors that the alpacas give us is enormous. There are 22 official colors with color names alone. It starts with white and goes all the way to jet black. The beautiful shades of brown are also created by mixing the fleece from different brown animals and then spinning it. Of course, we also offer hand-spun yarn sorted by our animals. So you can see the animals on the pasture and after shearing, washing, carding and spinning you can buy them as knitting yarn from the respective animal.

Dyeing with natural colors has a long tradition in Peru. The Incas used more than 160 different colors for their yarns. The knowledge of vegetable dyeing related not only to the plants that were used, but also to working with the salts. As a result, the colors are still meaningful and radiant after 500 years. Thank God, this knowledge has been preserved and now enables us to offer our products with enormous added value even today.This gives you skin-friendly yarns without chemical treatments that can be knitted and used; the environment is protected, the working conditions are many times more pleasant and small Peruvian family businesses are supported by their own income.

It's wonderful to be able to wear a self-knitted piece with a wonderful story behind it. Certainly such a part gives a lot of joy for a very long time. Due to the temperature equalization that alpaca wool ensures, alpaca is worn almost all year round.