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The top 10 languages

There are over 6000 active languages ​​worldwide. How can you choose the right one for you from this abundance? First of all, ask yourself why you want to learn the language: to travel or simply to broaden your horizons? If you want to explore the world, learning a language can really help. We have compiled the 10 best languages ​​for travel here. Let us send you around the world and back again.

You should learn these 10 languages

1. Spanish

There are more native Spanish speakers than English speakers in the world. That makes it the best language for traveling. When you learn Spanish you can really get in touch with locals and make your trip a memorable one. Spanishis the official language in 20 countries. So you could go to great countries like Spain or Mexico with it. Plus, Spanish is super easy to learn.

2. English

Even in countries where English If it is not the first language, it is very likely that someone can speak it there, because it is the most popular second language. With English you can get in touch with all sorts of people. Dare yourself and just try it; English is the second official language in 55 countries. And with us you can learn to speak like a local.

3. Mandarin

Quite apart from the fact that Chinese has the most native speakers in the world, China itself is a beautiful country with delicious food that is known and loved all over the world. Mandarin is pretty tricky. But don't let that stop you from learning. Because it is the best language for the business world. Mandarin is one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn, but just imagine how much respect you will get for learning a completely new alphabet and completely different gestures!

4. Portuguese

Portuguese should definitely be on this list, if only for the beautiful beaches that await you in Portugal. The country is known for its hidden beaches with spectacular views. This makes Portuguese a top language if you want to get to know new places where locals are the only ones who can help you along the way. It's also easy to learn, especially if you already speak Spanish.

5. French

France is known for its cuisine, fashion and wines. It is one of the top travel destinations, which also makes French a top language to learn. Plus, they always say the French don't speak English, so it is definitely helpful to learn the language before you go there. On the other hand, French cuisine is some of the best in the world, so French can help you a lot with ordering.

6. German

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. So if you want to travel to the European continent, German is one of the top languages ​​for it. Germanappreciate it very much when you try to speak their language: This often makes it easier for you to gain access to them and their culture. But watch out !: There are over 250 dialects to watch out for.

7. Hindi

Hindi is the fourth most common language in the world and the official language in India, a country with 4 religions and the birthplace of yoga. The Indian culture is unique, the people there are humble and friendly to everyone (who comes to their country as a tourist). If you want to travel to India, you should learn Hindi, because this way you can get to know the poorer population and express your appreciation for them.

8. Arabic

Arabic is one of the most important languages ​​as it is the main language of Muslim culture. In 25 countries, from Morocco to Yemen, it is the official language or at least the second official language. It is one of the best languages ​​to travel as it is the fifth most common language and the Arab world is rich in culture and cuisine.

9. Italian

Italy is a popular travel destination for its weather, cuisine, history, fashion, and culture. It is also the country with the most world heritage sites. All of this makes Italian a must-have for travel. It is also one of the official languages ​​of Switzerland and a region in Croatia.

10. Japanese

And last but not least: Japan. A safe travel destination that offers breathtaking landscapes and fresh fish, among other things. Japanese is one of our top languages ​​because you learn about the ancient Japanese culture at the same time and locals show you respect if you can speak their language. Even if it is a little more difficult to learn, it helps you a lot with ordering in the restaurant and getting to know the culture.

So this is our list: We hope we were able to answer your question about the best language to learn: Wherever you want to travel, consider learning the local language beforehand for an even better experience.