How obnoxious is in Chinese

Sexy or offensive? Outrage over too much skin: naked waiters in the restaurant spark a heated debate

A Chinese restaurant where the traditional Chinese “hot pot” is served by male models sparked a lively discussion in China. The Layan Inn in the old imperial city of Xi'an has hired a number of attractive muscle men who show their bare chests and only wear an apron in addition to trousers when they serve the meal. The bodybuilders are particularly popular with female guests who like to take photos with them or invite them to a joint “hotpot” - a kind of Chinese fondue.

There are divided reactions on the Chinese Internet. In a survey by the Shanghai newspaper Xinwen Chenbao, slightly more than half of the approximately 2,850 respondents found the goings-on in the restaurant offensive. The rest was divided into those who found it “novel” and “acceptable” or who simply didn't care. Some on the Internet pointed out that otherwise pretty female models also advertise products such as cars. It is also not considered offensive when lingerie manufacturers advertise scantily clad models.

Restaurant owner wants to "give guests visual pleasure"

“If men are allowed to look at women, why are women not allowed to look at men in return?” They asked. As long as no erotic services are offered and no laws are violated, it is not improper. Restaurant owner Ma Yu told the South China Morning Post, "I hope to bring visual enjoyment and a pleasant experience to all diners." One visitor told the newspaper, "They are attractive guys and their service is very good too." She likes to do it Photos and videos with them. “They are all generous, warm, and cooperative. So I am very satisfied. "