Aviral Bhatnagar

“You are the average of the five people you spend most time with,” which was once famously said by motivational speaker, Rim John. With this concept as the backbone of our endeavor, we are inspired and proud to present to you The Average of Five (AoFive). AoFive is a platform which potentially will expand your circle of people where every week we will bring to you great thinkers who are ahead of the curve, trailblazers who are making their mark in the world, those who have achieved great success in their respective fields that are spreading knowledge like wild fire. We bring these myriad individuals to this platform via immersive podcasts and youtube episodes to help


  • Dr. Velumani takes us through his personal journey from Coimbatore to Mumbai and the events in his life that led to starting Thyrocare.

    Join us to hear about Dr. Velumani’s work principles (in the form of punch lines), how to build without borrowing, the right approach to focus, risk assessment, and always being bottom line conscious.

  • Ranjith Menon, Partner at Chiratae Ventures joins us on this episode of Average of Five! He talks to us about his personal journey to becoming a VC and portfolio companies he is managing in Chiratae Ventures.

    Ranjith was one of the early investors in Myntra and takes us through their start and how they evolved by following their customers. He discusses the importance of having a great founding team, early stage pivots and solid Unit Economics!

    Ranjith has been investing into technology start-ups in India since 2007, with a specific focus on Healthcare Technologies, online B2B domains. Partnering with passionate founders who can leverage technology to address the huge gaps in India and potentially take it across the world.

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  • Mihir Dalal is a business journalist who covers start ups and internet companies and talks to us about his extensively researched new book; Big Billion Startup - The Untold Flipkart story, one of the biggest corporate stories of modern India.

    Join us to trace Flipkart’s journey from an online bookstore to India’s largest e-commerce venture.

  • Aviral Bhatnagar is the founder of a popular blog, ajuniorvc, which was started with the belief that there is a whitespace on conversations by venture capitalists in the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem in India.

    Aviral takes us through his predictions for the start up eco system. Aviral also shares his advice to budding entrepreneurs about pitching to VC’s and understanding the essential components of building a successful business - Unit Economics; Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Lifetime Value (LTV), and Payback Period.

    Please note this episode was recorded Pre Covid!

  • Nikhil Vora is the Founder and CEO of Sixth Sense Ventures; India’s first domestic consumer centric venture fund. Nikhil was voted as India’s No.1 analyst. He also has also been voted as Asia’s Best Analyst by the Wall Street Journal in the same year.

    In this episode of Average of Five, Nikhil speaks about his early investments, their journey of growth and maturity along with his exit strategies. We talk about disruption of FMCG brands, rise of challenger businesses, and the evolving Indian consumer. Don't miss an opportunity to get an inside view of one of the most successful FMCG investment portfolios and the companies that make up the Sixth Sense Ventures.

    Please note this episode was recorded Pre Covid