What things should you hold on to?

Learning to let go: these 5 things prevent your success

As you evolve from the person you once were to the person you want to be, you cannot take it all with you. A necessary level of the Progress to success is that Let go of old possessions, beliefs and ties.

It doesn't have to be a bad thing. This is a important step in your growth. You unpack luggage while the real you emerges.

Here are the five thingsthat you should let go of and that could hinder your success:

1. Personal grudges

Every time you felt that you were being treated unfairly or saw yourself as a victim, that was one thing chance for you to get stronger. So let it go. Let everyone memories to people who were unkind or who did not take your needs into account. Stop revisiting these stories and remove them from your head and your life. Instead, fill the room with happy conversation.

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Some people think about Striving for improvement to doubters and haters, but the healthiest state is indifference: When you can wish negative people well because you really don't care. They don't cross your mind and there is no history to tell. When someone else mentions them, you smile and nod. There is no past, no bad blood, no story of an encounter that needs to be mentioned now.

Reach the stage where you and your Life and your path are so satisfied that you wish everyone the best, no matter how much grief they once caused you.

2. Principles and beliefs of the past


  • must not fail
  • must be respected
  • must not be treated badly
  • must be compensated for my time

Which Principles and beliefs serve your future, and which are only holding you back?

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Think of a joint venture that didn't work:

  • Your principles are that you must get everything you can back. That should at least be what the other founders get.
  • It was your fault it didn't work out.
  • You can't stand the thought of others making a penny more from it than you.

But that view is unlikely to be the best version of you serve. It might be much better for you to go away, leave everything to them and wish them well. Or will you refuse, "on principle“?

The best version of you is ready to give up your own principles in order to do the right thing and move forward.

Even if you've pocketed a lot of money, even if you've put your heart and soul into something: If you keep on going obsolete principles fall back, you will get hold of projects, people, and places that you should just let go of. According to which Beliefs do you live that you have not questioned?

You have only failed if you tell yourself that you have failed. It is only a failureif you don't learn anything. You can postpone it on principle, or you can happily skip the chapter.

3. Letting go of identities

Behavioral habits are strongest when they are with yours Identityt connected. You are more likely to hit the gym every day if you identify yourself as a health conscious person than if you just think you should or because your doctor said you should. Successful entrepreneurs would never do that.

Identity drives action.

Which identities do you hold, yours future are not useful? Do you believe in veganism so much that you alienate those who don't? Do you identify yourself so strongly with a party that you always defend whoever is leading the party? To be guided only by identity is a form of Tunnel vision. It affects your ability great decisions because you are influenced by what someone like you "should" do. It can be your mind for new ideas and opportunities close.

The fixation on identity can do that growth restrict. Find the Change of perspectiveto learn and change for the better.

4. Ego and self-importance

How often do you throw Complacency back? No matter if it:

  • Are athletes who make sure that everyone they meet knows their personal best
  • Entrepreneurs who want to let everyone know that they started from scratch

Arrogance is not adorable.

Remaining humble is the goal.

It doesn't matter what awards you've won or what titles you've amassed. Your career longevity or the number of YouTube subscribers doesn't matter.

Leave that desire go for someone to know how great you are. That is not important. Instead, connect to a personal level here. If someone wants to know your references, they will ask you. Or he'll google you. Let people find out about your success from someone else, don't tell them in your opening speech. Resist the urge instant gratification. Let go of the need for others to know your celebrities.

Leave your amazing personality and your winning conversation be what connects you to others, because everything else is secondary.

5. Let go of expectations

luck is proportional to the difference between your expectations and your reality. If you expect amazing things and only get average ones, you will not be happy. High standards having them is okay unless it turns out to be less than your luck when they turn out to be unreachable. You can have fun at a roast chicken stand as well as at a Michelin-star restaurant, as long as you don't expect the same thing from both evenings.

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Let go excessive expectations of having things that you cannot control:

  • adventures
  • Results
  • other people

Let Judgments go whenever you can; just let things be. Keep high expectations of yourself and them energythat you put into your work, health, and friendships. You can meet your own expectations through commitment and intention.

Take pride in being relaxed or a perfectionist when both are appropriate.

So that your real me can emerge, the old self must drift away. Identify the things associated with who you once were and not the person you would like to become. Things with Gratitude and ease letting go means having more success.

This article was written in English by Jodie Cook and published on www.forbes.com on March 1st, 2021. We have translated it for you so that we can exchange ideas with our readers on relevant topics.

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