Should I fail to text my ex?

ex girlfriend

Dear advice seeker,

Thank you very much for your request, which I would like to answer briefly as follows based on the facts you have described:

Based on the facts at hand, it can be said that both criminal and civil law options are open to you.

1 & rpar; civil right
Civil law gives every citizen the opportunity to defend themselves against harassment. You have a right to cease and desist against your ex-girlfriend, whereby you can first formulate this omission yourself in writing or commission a lawyer of your choice to write such a letter.
It is made clear to the ex-girlfriend that she will be prohibited from reporting false, untrue and degrading things about you in the future. As far as possible everything should be listed there & lpar; phone calls, calls, visits, letters, SMS, WhatsApp messages & rpar; so that you can make it clear to your ex-girlfriend what she has to refrain from. It should be made clear to her that if this injunction is violated, an application can be made to the court, according to which a cease and desist declaration will be issued by the court and, in the event of a violation, the ex-girlfriend can be financially burdened.

2 & rpar; Criminal law
In the area of ​​criminal law, it is possible that you will file a complaint for stalking in the event of multiple harassment & lpar; §238 StGB stalking & rpar ;. There you should collect all documents and evidence that you have and bring them to the police so that appropriate criminal prosecution can be initiated.
Should you decide to file a complaint, you will be questioned and possible evidence secured. Then the ex-girlfriend is also questioned as a suspect. At that moment, you may find that the ex-girlfriend feels a significant amount of anger and the harassment increases.
If possible, try to inform the people around you about the circumstances. There you can, among other things, inform the employer about the situation so that he is already warned and can prepare for it.

If there are insults in addition to the permanent WhatsApp messages, you can also place a complaint with the police there.

I would only pay the amount of money that the ex-girlfriend demands if the demand is actually justified. If it is a mere threat situation, I would not react to it.

In such a circumstance, those affected are often advised not to react to the news, as the perpetrators then usually give up.

Nevertheless, I would advise you to inform the social environment and to contact the police at an early stage.

I hope I was able to answer your questions first. If you have any further questions, then I would ask you to send me the one-time opportunity to ask free of charge.

With best regards

Judith Hiller