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1498 I 12, Vienna

In front Lorenntz Hüttndorffer, the time Stat Richter zu Wienncame as he in the burgerschrann ... to court sas ... fraw Elspeth, because and. . . Mathesn Lucaster, burger zu Wienn saligen. . . wittib, and clagt. . . through an interview ... to Weilund Bertlme Mu / ottnhawser's burger in Vienna, salign erbn. The following details of the conduct of the proceedings emerge from the court letter: First statute of the day: The plaintiff and because u / ond ir landlord Mathes Lucasterwould have the. . . Muttnhawser, irem aidnn, 1 allerlai claine / at and house rate2 down to his house to the heights3 pay, ... than the walhnduring the presence of Emperor Maximilian to the same Mu / ottnhawser at the hostel we / oarn, also because, since the Muttnhawser cousins, the Gagnrewtter from Passaw were here with ime at the hostel- The court refuses to read a register of these objects - but they would also have money on weingartpau, item on the paw in the Weittnhof in front of the Stubenthor. .. dargelihn; Elsbeth also complains umb claider, the mother and his housewives, 4 The line was cut in the Lucaster house. She is obliged to provide witness evidence for her assertions against what of the Müttnnhawser inherit. . . through irn before-speakdeny the plaintiffs' allegations in general. Second daily statute: Thereupon the Lucasterin, in turn, inrechtn te / agn for right com and brought there with ir ain bad luck, in it Bertlme Muttnhawser's aign handwritten and paused a number of worn-out money and bread, to rabaschn5 and still abzeraitn, ddo. 1492, August 2.6Since the heirs of Muttenhauser deny the authenticity of the entry (did not confess that it was Muttnhawser's handwriting), it is decided that the judge should order from the above-mentioned burgers on the thing to take bad luckand connoisseurs of the handwriting to consult their expert opinion. The following are determined: JeronimeVischer andHanns Eyzingerand pull according to the applicant Wolfgangn Gwe / arleich, Jorign Aslabing and Wolfgangn Kalherfor advice, whose opinions are from the zwen gnanntn burgers justified in writingand then be read there. a1- Expert opinion of the font connoisseur: 1. Herr Wolfganng Gwe / arleich said that he had and saw Müttenhawser's salign handwriting vil in his power and that the writing in Lucaster puoch was the same; he thinks that he also thinks that it is his handwriting. But he hadn't been to the enrollment; and when he was asked to end, do pillich how right we / or, he wanted to say the same. 2. Item Wolfganng Kalhe / ar and Jorig Aslabing, baid burger zu Wienn, said pei irn trewen on 2 AIDS was when she was rightly so than that she had seen Bartlme Muttnhawser's handwriting and that she knew that the writing in Lucaster's puech of the same Muttnhawser was handwritten; but you have not been registered with the enrollment. After interrogation yetz berurter kuntschaftthe Lucasteress considers her claim sufficiently well knownand brings further evidence, partly from Muttenhauser's hand, before. b- The first kuntschaft, of the mocked Bertlme Muttnhawser aign handwritten, which is then also recognized by the above-mentioned witnesses with the Muttnhawser handwritten in the Lucaster puch, reads so: Dear sweher. I piss you, e want to lend me five phund phenning to my nodturften; soon 3 my night pawr, the Eysnnhart, pours out, I want to pay on than and you should be forgiven again. And load me againnot be fringed, 4I want to earn money. And send me the yetz at my dieren. P. Muttnhawser.5c- The other customers. . . also the Bertlme Muttnhawser aign handwritten in the Lucaster puech, at the discretion of the literate, reads: Mer am I owed fifty-five weckhn bread; there is still a disagreement with wine and bread. d- So the third kuntschaft is: I, Hanns Haller, the appotegker, and I, Balthasar Enngkam, baid burger zu Wienn, confess ... in place of AIDS, when we are supposed to be right in front of a yedn that we know and know: as soon as Lucaster had made a promise with his daughter, Bertlme Muttnhawser went to the Lucaster for dinner, and Lucaster had a salary with food and drink in addition to the time of his wedding. The kuntschafter said how right it is.1e- The Vierd Kuntschaft(Statement of a maid) so reads: Me, Barbara Pernnhartin, yetz at Bertlme Schallautzer(serviced), Confess and speak that on my conscience and by my soul saligkait, the Mathes Lucaster, who because I have been his one, good aichens and failed wood around to the Muttnhawser has furn lassn, a vault with two bumps vol, and after that all jare dem Muttnhawser with awholz and with other wood laid and paid for, which Linhart and Mathes then hooked.2 The kuntschafterin was right to say how I was born. fa- So the fifth kuntschaft is: I Hanns Veyel Rösl, burger from Vienna. . . speak ... an aids stat so I rightly than should, . . . daz Mathes Lucaster, burger zu Wienn saliger, who previously placed the Weittnhof in front of Stubnthor, in the name of Bertlme Muttnhawsers, his aidn, because and Wolfgangn Matzschawer, the meat-haggard saligen umb, paid an interest, which I then gave to the same. . . Matzschawer have helped besteen ain jare around ten phund phenning, which he has held for two years in inventory and the interest paid annually on it and give it to him. . . Muttnhawser, how the Lucaster had the interest from the Matzschawer; but Matzschawer doesn't want to give up and says that Muttnhawser will be and not Lucaster. I also saw that Mathes Lucaster was mottled there at the paw of the same Weittnhof, who then pawfellig something, added zimerholz, shingles and lattn and was st / attigs with the carpenters and so the paw and arbait were taken care of 3 and therefore sunst have seen nymands other. But I don’t know who paid for the paw and explained it. I also gave the Lienhardn Spähinger the bemeltn Weittnhof from the Muttnhawser help, also ainn jare around ten phund phenning, who then still sits there. This kuntschaft des Muttnhawser was not inherited(be valid) to let, because Veyel Rösl would be wiser to Lucasterin; therefore hashe does not have to say how right is.1fb- So the sixth kuntschaft is: I Hanns Gemainer der leatherer, burger zu Wienn, tell my faithful at aid stat, if I rightly than should, that I have passed the Weittnhof, on ain jare2 from the Muttnhawser sälign umb aindleff phund phenning ze interest. In the same year I pawed phund phenning in it; I have denied that from the mother who bought the farm rent. After that, since I understand that the Muttnhawser doesn't want me to pay any attention to the hoffzins, and he doesn't want anything to surf the house himself, I don't want to stay in the courtyard and let off steam. So now I come out, I saw that Mathes Lucaster has zimerholz, schindln, ladn, lattn, nagl and other iron-Let furn and bring crockery and the Weittnhof pau. And because he paws, there has been nymands in'm Weittnhove to herberg. But since Lucaster paused now, the Weittnhof had been allowed to pay an interest against it. It is also because Lucaster paused the courtyard, the Muttnhawser at Passav. But whoever has spent that paw on solich, I don’t; so much is known to me and know. The kuntschafter said how right it is. G- So the subund kuntschaft is: Caspar Raiger announced ... an aids stat. . ., that he des Mathes Lucaster forcibly and by his hand. . . recommended five Reinisch guldein in gold and five schilling phenning for the viertail weingartn, called the Sche / arimtl, which Muttnhawserin Albeg also spoke to ime: «My Raiger, piss me off, my father paid you for itIt happened in the gnburt of the first Pangre / atz Kembnater, the time statkamrer and Wolfgangn Haslinger, burger zu Wienn. H- So the eight kuntschaft is: I say Sigmund, because and Mathesn Lucaster servant ... at aids statute, which Mathes Lucastar bought and advised paid for two zülln wood and the Muttnhawser with the Lucaster wagn and ross hindann3 led into his house. The kuntschafter said how right it is. i - The 9th clientele is a pharmacist receipt from 1495, June 7-10.4k - The 10th one such over paid song wages from 1496, May 9.5l - The 11th confirms the performance of 1 lb. dn for calling out after the death of Elsbeth Muttnhauserin in 1497.1m - The 12th confirms the payment of the costs for their burial and soul masses with the Dominicans, 1497, May 21, Vienna2n - The 13th also at St. Stephan, 1497, May 27, Vienna3O- The fourteen is4 So that's kuntschaft: Mathes Lucaster gave the brothers to Sannd Steffan von wegn Elspetnn Muttnhawserin, his stepdaughter two phund phenning etc in the twenty-fiveist jare umb mess.(1495).5Maister Sigmund the same time chorister. p- The fifteenist 6 So that's kuntschaft: Vlrich Spring-inn-Herbst, the pinter, and Thoman Glinssndorffer, the leather man, baid burger in Vienna sat in front of the Stubmthor there. .7 I said ... an aids stat. . . the Margreth, because and Bertlme Muttnhawser's servant salige, to irm todpet at the hail irr seel and on ir last down before ine confesses that she(have)8 from the Mathes Lucaster in leaning to the ... Muttnhawser carrieda) ain lad full of gueter herber leilachß) Item ain medrene9 coursesy) ainen Achtvachn slair, δ) Item ain a big coralleine paternuster with a big silver giltm Agnus dei, when the guests of Passaw, the friends of Muttnhawser, have been here and seen. Item she has also admitted that Lucaster had given his daughter Muttnhawserin four guidein Reinisch on ir diligent prayers; she gave it to the doctor and paid for it. The inheritance people said how right it is. q- The sixteenth is10 So that's kuntschaft: I, Lienhard Perloder, and I, Wolfgang Haslinger, baid burger zu Wienn, confess that we got from Kathrey, who was somewhat the servant of Bertlme Muttnhawser11 Kuntschaft accepteda) First of all, she has confessed that Lucaster has her daughter, Muttnhawserin, drew pett, also a duchnat and two common dekhn, and wore a silk dekh with red and green little ones 1 and two silk kues, one liver color and the other green color, and also aine pearl portn. That was done, meanwhile Kathrej, the Muttnhawserinn servant, has been and is known at the aids statute when she was born. ß) Mer she has known how she carried over to the Muttnhawser ainn common horny2 table: The inheritance people said how right it is. r- The subnete is3 So that's kuntschaft: Cristoff Fuchs, the hauer of Grintzing, has confessed to his aid, if he should rightly than, that he has helped from the Lucaster to the Muttnhawser in lehnweis; and from the Lucaster's stadl he also helped furn two half guides to the Muttnhawser, which the Lucaster also got and a ten-year poting. So let me know. . . .And he said how right it is. s- The eighteen4 So that's kuntschaft: I master Augustin Haberman the sneider, burger zu Wienn, I speak ... at aids stat. . ., that I cut ainem scharlachn doctors coat for Bertlme Müttnhawser in des Mathes Lucaster's house ainn rokh and ain par hosn; I also have the housewives of Muttnhawser ainn black harrasn mantl and ainn black harrasein rokh; item mer I snitn the Muttnhawser in the Lucaster house ain black wullene ha / osukhn, and did all that ine. And the scout said how right it is. t- The nineteen-nineteenist community is thus: I Kilian Grueboder der sneider, burger zu Wienn, confess ... an aids stat. . . that I have cut the Elspethn Muttnhawserin in the Mathesn Lucaster house, ires fathers, ainn liver-colored harrasein rokh and the same also a look; mer have I cut ainn prawn Pernischn 5 rokh, also in ires fathers house and i did all that. The kuntschafter said how right it is. v- The Zwainzigist Kuntschaftis an acknowledgment of two Grinzing winegrowers about their remuneration by Lucaster and the like, from 1496; May 30 Vienna.6After interrogation of all yetzberurtn kuntsche / oftlets the applicant emphasize primarily the fact that the under sand tThe customers presented allow the conclusion that Lukaster would have paid for the cost of the clothes made in Lukaster's house, even if for the Muttenhauser married couple, if Muttnhawser or Muttnhauserin, his wife, was called solichn harrlas1 and if you had power in your house, you should let it be in your house. . . But if the mother-hawser inherit quite a few artists who then take care of them2 blame and advance on ine tragn vermaintn ze tolerate and yet dislike the maistn ze, on the contrary, the conclusion is justified, where ainer3 two, three, four or five etc kuntschaft at krftn let the others, as far as he is, also confirmed. . . The defendant counters the plaintiff's statements, you(the defendants) Don't worry about the diagnosis and say bad luck to the clagerwithout therefore objecting to Gwerlich's written findings; but he is no more than Kalcher and Aslabing who baid burger and be called here4 and not really worth it, would be personally in the schrann, . . . also we / ar des Kaiher say inept and verde / respectful, according to dew5 he was the mother of the mother. The main thing, however, would be that the Muttenhauser entries in the plaintiff's debt register Did not understand that the antburter as the heirs should be guilty of when in the same bad luck of obn abe read apart from that, since it is always that the mother should confess that he has paid his marriage good of the twenty hundred phenning in full, darpei versteen, all this is worth the sum of the two hundred phund phenning ko / emen and finally everything together with the200 lb dn marriage goodbe paidif, if we / ar the guilt did not come into it, then we / ar it was not dismissed. Then Muttnhawser confesses that he is married to the200 lb. dn fully paid and paid. As for the remaining statements (kuntschaft) be a good part of it rightly not enoughand hoped the defendants that she(Plaintiff) never mer with dinstpoten, in Weinzurln, tusks and other ways(i.e. provide evidence) mug. Just that kuntschäft from Muttnhawserin begenus(Funeral), meslesn and seelgere / att because of exitsthey accepted. The majority of the Court now gives the following judgment: The luck of the Lucasterin, the handwritten half of Bertlme Muttnhawser stay with his will; but the other kuntscha / often, so the Lucasterin against the Muttnhawser's inheritance, were furled and properly read out(except for the gestures of the antburter)1 to be rightly not enough. Applicant requested by merry right sakeabout the execution of the judgment by the Vienna City Council, which also takes place and is read out in court. It dates from December 1497 5, Vienna.2After interrogation, yecz was ransomedrequest and receive both parties to the dispute the above excerpted court letter.

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