What's your worst humiliating wedding experience

After the “I do”, the wedding cake is a very special moment for newlyweds. For a bride, the romantic ritual suddenly turned into true drama.

When the wedding cake was cut, the mood at a party turned completely. The bride burst into tears. The reason: the cake. Now the police are investigating. The drama happened at the wedding reception of Shine Tamayo (26) and Jhon Chen (40), like the British news portal metro reported. The young couple wanted to get married in the Philippines and had specially commissioned a wedding planner for this most beautiful day of their lives. The bride and groom paid 140,000 pesos, or almost 2,400 euros, for decoration and food.

Shock moment at the wedding cake

The wedding package also included a wedding cake, two-tiered, glazed red and decorated with gold. From the outside, the cake looked a lot under the colorful frosting. But inside the magnificent piece was only made of styrofoam. So the wedding cake was inedible.

For the bride, the wrong cake was a real shock *. “I've never been so humiliated in my whole life,” the bride tells metro. And further: “This should be one of the best memories of my whole life. Instead, it's the worst. "

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Wedding ruined - police investigate fraud

Tears flowed abundantly from the new wife. But then it was enough for the couple, they went to the police and reported the wedding planner. The officials were able to convince themselves of the fake cake. Now the police are investigating the wedding fraud, it is said. The catering lady is now threatened with legal proceedings.

“The woman we paid to eat ruined my wedding. She's a liar, ”said Shine Tamayo at Metro.

Even in the run-up to the wedding celebration, the bride did not have a good feeling. The planner has repeatedly asked for money from her. However, because she wanted a perfect wedding for herself, she paid.

For Joe (30) it should be the best day of his life. But it turned into an incredible tragedy. Shortly after saying yes, the groom is dead.

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