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New tattoo fashion : Why people get their face tattooed

She knows the pain well, that stinging. The sonorous humming of the machine means that she's about to feel the fast, tiny, precise needle in her skin. For Luisa Möckel, 31 years old, pain is an old acquaintance. She meets him often - in the tattoo parlor.

Sssss ... The first stitch goes into the skin on the jaw. Right side. She has beautiful skin. Crouch sideways on the couch. Her long legs, which are covered by fishnet tights, are drawn to her stomach. The first trick is over quickly, but thousands follow.

It might be your 25th tattoo? Oh, everyone would always ask for the number. “But that's not important,” says Luisa Möckel. She can't count them. Sometimes one tattoo on her body blends into another. On her left forearm, the rose, the Mexican death mask and the skull on her hand can hardly be distinguished from one another. Others are not finished yet.

Like the one on her thigh, the big one. “BDSM scene,” she explains. So far it only shows the face of a woman with a gag. Luisa Möckel has already planned an expansion. But dad shouldn't see that, she said when she was standing outside the “Autark Digital Tattooing” tattoo studio in Charlottenburg. Then she grinned a little mischievously, because she will always be the little princess for dad. The tattoo that Luisa Möckel got today by tattoo artist Carlos will be seen by Dad. It will be in the middle of her face, snaking up from her jaw to her forehead.

The tattoo has become part of the mainstream today

One in eight people in Germany has a tattoo, according to an Allensbach study from 2014. While tattoos may have been a sign of belonging to a subculture in the past, whose followers did not mind being expelled from society, the tattoo itself is now part of it Become mainstream. If you really want to shock, you can really only do one thing: tattoo your neck, hands and face.

And more and more are doing that, as Del Keens, head of the Berlin agency Misfit Models, has observed. “It's increasing,” he says. “Slowly, but steadily.” Young women in particular have motifs stabbed in their faces, although their traditional meaning hardly plays a role. Which hipster knows today that a tattooed tear on the cheek was originally a sign that someone had been killed?

It's part of their story

An anchor with an "A" in the middle is emblazoned on Luisa Möckel's neck. She had it stabbed with a friend in 2011. The girlfriend, first letter A, got an "L". A and L are no longer friends today. No grudge, it just broke up, says Luisa Möckel. That's why she doesn't regret the tattoo. It is part of their story. "Most tattoos are not covered for months, rather spontaneously from life," she says. And none of them would want to get rid of them again.

Möckel already has a face tattoo, but “only a small one” and it should fit into what she wants to have done today. Möckel just had to shave her black-blue dyed, already short hair off her temple. For a Buddhist mantra, the "Om Mani Padme Hum". It is the mantra for enlightenment that comes from the bodhisattva of compassion. "Will you send me the exact meaning again?" Asked Luisa Carlos shortly before the session. There she sat on the stool in the studio with the pre-painted characters on her face.

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