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Dream interpretation water - archetypes of the feminine and emotional

Water in dreams is an archetype in dream research. It represents the archetypes of the feminine and the emotional. But what do dreams with water tell us? How can we interpret it?

In the dream it is often about meaningful topics like love, freedom or death. The nightly events make us aware of something: How can I solve a problem? What is preventing me from living a happy life? Fortune tellers and clairvoyants will tell you.

Even water in a dream brings a message. The mysterious element can flow smoothly or destroy everything. Dream symbols such as drowning, swimming, sea, how does the dream interpretation explain these signs?

Dream symbol water in general dream interpretation

As one of the four basic elements, water is the origin of life from which all being has arisen. In the general interpretation of dreams, this element stands for the symbol of the feminine and emotional.

For dream analyzes, dream interpreters use numerous general associations that relate to various factors in connection with the dream symbol water. The basic element embodies dissolution and purification, letting go and giving in. The dream sign can also be understood as a question about one's own emotional world.

Psychology sees the dream symbol water primarily as an element for internal and external purification. For example, if you go into a sea or a lake in your dream, many psychologists evaluate this as a new beginning in the dream interpretation. In the spiritual dream interpretation, water as a clear liquid symbolizes life force or rebirth.


Depending on the circumstances, water in a dream has the following complex meanings:

  • Shallow water: Missing life energies
  • Deep water: The spiritual, unconscious
  • Strong current: The passionate
  • Flowing water: Inner balance
  • Dive in the water: Longing for the original

What does the dream symbol water, sea, lake or rain mean?

In the dream interpretation of the sea, water means the universal consciousness that is inherent in all knowledge. A shallow sea represents superficial emotions, while a roaring surf Passion and symbolizes feelings of pleasure. A calm lake expresses a contented existence.

In the dream interpretation of water, the lake is also a sign of a transition phase that goes hand in hand with the turning to the higher self. When you see your reflection in the water, you should reconcile yourself with your downside.

Dreams about a river represent life and the way of life. Depending on which view of life the dreaming represents, the dream symbol river appears as a small stream or as a large stream. A crossing of the river indicates changes, a canal symbolizes that Birthing process, a deep flow demands more attention in interpersonal relationships.


In the dream interpretation of water, rain dreams also provide important insights:

  • Soaked: Difficulty on the emotional level
  • Drizzle: Satisfaction, relaxation
  • Downpour: Warning of exuberance of emotions
  • Flooding: Too much focus on negative feelings
  • Lashing Rain: Impending disputes

What tendencies does the dream interpretation drowning reveal?

In general, the dream interpretation drowning says that the dreaming wants to push unpleasant things into his subconscious, but what returns powerfully and can overwhelm him. Often the dream symbol reflects that helplessness reflected in difficult life situations.

The dream sign of drowning also indicates low self-confidence and loss of control in stressful life situations. Turbulent events and a bundle of duties create negative stress.


Further interpretations in the dream interpretation drowning are:

  • Warning of risks such as financial hardship
  • Warning of the loss of valuable
  • See drowning people: be more careful to avoid mistakes
  • Rescue from drowning by one's own strength: The dreaming can also free himself from hopeless situations

Water in a dream: swimming and boats

Swimming in a dream represents the exploration of feelings and the objective consideration of problems, accompanied by ease.

The dream symbol swimming shows that you have the power to fight your way through uncertain times and to accept challenges.

From a psychological point of view it is a symbol for unconscious emotions and instincts with which the dreaming is in harmony or which are in contradiction to each other.

That is why it is extremely important in the dream interpretation of swimming whether the dream event takes place in clear or polluted water. The dream symbol boat generally stands in the dream interpretation for optimism and positive developments.

The boat represents changes and shows you how to maneuver your ship through life and the depths of your emotional worlds. In dream interpretation, the condition of the ship is also a decisive factor, because it also symbolizes the condition of one's own feelings.

How important is the color of the water in a dream?

Clean, clear water is generally associated with something positive. In the dream interpretation of water, on the other hand, a dirty, cloudy or dark color is an indication of emotional stress. A roaring Black Sea indicates inner restlessness and excitement.

Basically, in the interpretation of dreams, dark and at the same time wildly raging water is considered a rather negative sign. A cloudy blue symbolizes confusion or fears, a clear, greenish shimmering blue expresses serenity and is often seen in dream interpretation as a sign of a liberated soul.

Dream interpretation online - does it make sense?

Water in a dream can mean exciting, creative, but also frightening things. The dream interpretation water is also possible online via a dream dictionary. You can easily interpret various dream signs such as drowning, swimming, or sea. Well-worked out dream lexicons contain explanations about objects, feelings or situations that you experienced in the dream.

The symbolic dream interpretation of the sea, the lake, drowning and water mainly provides indications of future developments. In order to shed light on the current situation as well as the current situation from all sides, you should consult a professional dream interpreter with a focus on psychological dream analysis. The psychological dream interpretation water will help you deal with past events. In this way you will also find more joy and ease in real life.

Experienced experts interpret your dreams and decipher the signs. ┬╗To the consultant selection


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